Cube world is Out!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Champ4now, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. cube world just came out for sale (open alpha) (15 euros/$20)
    but the server shop is down :(
    who else is going to get this game as soon as possible? cause It would be cool to have some allies
    (I'm going warrior/tank of the undead race)
  2. I might ask... WHAT THE HECK IS CUBE WORLD!?
  3. Perhaps watch the video, and all will be revealed...
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  4. thats why I included the vid lol
  5. It literally tells you within the first few minutes of the video...
  6. Cube World is a fantasy adventure game similar to Minecraft in terms of the cubic composition, but without creative capabilities to break and place blocks.
  7. ...and a much bigger emphasis on exploring and other RPG elements.
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  8. to be clear its a hack&slash game but with cube graphics somewhat like minecraft
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    (I should stop drinking coffee lol)
  10. well its looks like part of the shop has been fixed (you can get the tech demo to see if cube world will work on your computer) but the full game part of the shop is still being fixed ( :( ) so ill ask again who is actually getting the game and what class are you going to play and who would be willing to host a server and let some people of emc play cube world with you?
  11. Wollay just tweeted that he fixed the launcher (to stop people from pirating the game) and the site is completely down, I think the shops about to be ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The shop is back online and atm 15 euros is exactly $20 USD (atleast according to paypal it is)
  13. EDIT: Spam!!
  14. This to Minecraft...
  15. don't go comparing this isn't a rip off but it was partly inspired by minecraft
  16. SO basically, what I see here is a less than perfect combination of Lego Universe and Minecraft.
  17. then you need to get your eyes checked
  18. yeah well tried to look up a way to download it, and kept getting sent to other human checkers aka other downloads of crap i didn't want. so if you can link a direct download to it then cool if not then nah think i'll pass.
  19. Minecraft 2 is out!