Cube world is Out!

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  1. Thats the problem people have. Everyone assumes it's like minecraft simply because it has voxels. It's not at all. Please understand what you are hating on before you hate.
  2. It is like Minecraft, they're the same game style. The difference, though, is that they aren't copies of each other.
  3. the true difference is that cube world is more hack&slash and minecraft is more about building
  4. What?

    The only similarity is the Voxel Game engine. CubeWorld has more direction. It has the ever expanding map that we have come to love with MC, but this map also creates towns, that hold missions, as well as dungeons and random Elite Spawns, and class based fighting.

    Minecraft is an Aimless/directionless sandbox game.

    CubeWorld has Clear direction with constant changing worlds that create new directions.

    Minecraft is Sandbox, CubeWorld is an RPG... once you get passed the Voxel game engine, they are really quite different.

    Even Notch has been sharing his interest in this game, because of how different from MC it is.
  5. Although, fun fact, the creator, Wollay, actually used to be in Mojang.
    Wait, that probably doesn't help the matter.
  6. i wonder why only used to, and not anymore
  7. I wasn't thinking, at all, when I posted that.
  8. very true also Notch has even tweeted Wollay saying that when the shop opens, he would tweet about it to raise awareness
  9. And then have it crash again when everyone tries to buy it lol
  10. thats probably why wollay tweeted back he should keep it a secret from him