Crescent Cats Invitation

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  1. Okay, so it has been one month since I posted this invite, however, things are looking bright! we have gained 3-4 members since I made this thread, however, I still need more members! anyone is welcome, we do travels often, including to visit others homes and explore new, unclaimed land. the simple rules as such: Be respectful, help out when you can, ask before you take, don't grief, and have fun! you can build your own home, or me or another member can build one for and you decorate and improve on it as you like. now, we have the twin islands of Crescent Cat Central, Crescent Isle and Gulf Isle to be exact, a few shoals that have helped open things up for specific members and their builds, and our newest part, Ravina! this newest island is very interesting. if anyone loves Nordic-themed things or mining, then this is the island for you! this new frontier is like a pot pie, thick crust layer on the top, and a bunch of ores and riches underneath! this island is one giant bubble containing infinite tunnels, caverns, excess ravines, and much more! Any player who is interested, whether you farm best or build best, I would like to have more active members of the Crescent Cats! so if you are interested, we are located in the smp7 frontier, closest to the center one. please message me on the forums or in-game, as we now have 12 members, speak to Tehya2002 or Swimmy101 if not me about joining if you want to take the in-game approach. Also. I am looking for a potential member with extreme redstone skill!


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  2. I wanna join, any requirements?
  3. only requirements is do your part, be respectful, and have fun. if youd like, bring as many supplies as you can hold. we do have 2 ender chest around. also, bring a couple of boats. 3/4 of the trip is through water. use the livemap to guide you here. The cords on the invite are part of our island. other wise and that, there isn't really any requirements. :D
  4. Thanks Man! Can you maybe come online and direct me? :p
  5. do you want me to help you get over there?
  6. okay, I will be back on ASAP. the game has kicked me out. Authentication Servers are down again. :(
  7. Can I join?
  8. if you'd like, we sstill have one free opening that's immediate ;). everyone else will have to build a house till the towers done :), but everyone is still welcome. if youd like, you could also build on our sister island, which I can show you if you are interested. :D
  9. I am currently on smp7
  10. Get any Marlix armour/other drops? Cuz u promised u would give me any Marlix gear you got
  11. we didnt get anything, killed both that we knew of, both dropped nothing good, a skelly head, and a shiny arrow, which, the arrow kinda got used on accident to kill enraged creeper XD
  12. Next time u kill one. Do it on Diff Seven, he will drop something
  13. Is there a theme to the buildings? I have an idea for a wizard tower, but it'll look awfully odd next to a glittering skyscraper of glass and steel.
  14. well, everyone has there own unique building style with a base theme, which is obviously our guild sign so, really, one person built a castle, 2 built tree houses, we have an underwater area above a ravine, a beach shack, even the in progress guild tower, but somehow, they all seem to unify the group as a whole :cool:
  15. Just a tip, it could be bad to list coordinates in the main post as that can lead to griefers coming.
  16. good point. will fix that
  17. Okay Crescent Cats! if your available tonight, due to lack of exploration caused by necessary work, tonight is the "round the globe" trip I've been meaning to plan, this enchanting long way trip will take us through places we've never seen, abandoned guilds, and places I've been meaning to show all of my wonderful members! so to prepare for this perilous yet invigorating journey through our frontier home, I am getting extra supplies ready for the travels ahead of us, so buckle up folks, this it the thrill ride we've been anticipating! any new members may also join, just be prepared to be logged on for a while, because this trip isn't short! 7 amazing places, over 4000 blocks to cover, and 1 non-stop adventure!

    DDRT-Trixe :p ;)
  18. O, and this trip will start around 4pm :cool:
  19. Heck, I'll join! However, I will be joining on my alternate account- Is that okay? The name of it is TheAssistant and I am willing (and would prefer) to build my own house. That cool? Anything you want me to bring, let me know. Also, I love the name! It's great IMO. However I won't be making it to the 4PM Expedition as of now, because I am new (if accepted) and I kind of want to play TF2 right now. Thanks!