Creature Capture Testing Event Nov 15th

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    Where: smp5 /v creaturecapture
    When: FRIDAY Nov 15th @ 6 pm EMC
    Visit if you've never played before.

    This is an old event that was broken, but though testing, we may have fixed it! Now it's time to put what we've fixed to the real test and see if we can get this favorite event going again, and what better time than Thanksgiving month to practice catching some creatures!
  2. Changed to FRIDAY due to scheduling with a player event.

    PLEASE submit your events to the official calendar so that I can work around them.
    Shout out to CliffCraft for the catch.
  3. Sounds Like Super Fun!!!! I will be there!!
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  4. Cant wait!

    Never played before but exited!
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  5. Sounds great!
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  6. Glad this is coming back from the dead for its time to capture those creatures soon :p
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  7. Cool. Dont think I can make it but hope its working for future events. Never tried this one. ;)
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  8. It's been too long! I wondered if I would ever see this event again. Glad that you guys have resurrected it. Sure hope it's fixed for everyone.

    At last, Creature Capture! Game on! Thank you, thank you! :)
  9. I wish I could be there, but I have class until 7 that day. Good luck and have fun to everyone who decides to attend! :)
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  10. It's a shame I'm going to miss this due to work after not being able to be active for so long. Hope everyone who attends has fun though! : )
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  11. Cant make it on friday :/
  12. I think I can make it to this event! 11pm for me here in the UK :D
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  13. Okay. That was fun. Sort of frustrating but fun that way. :p You can't see the players below you or above you and you can't really communicate because it goes so fast.

    A couple of things. While I was a 'fisher' I went through 2 poles and into the third one. So I might want to bring my own, or as was mentioned - maybe the item damage could be turned off.

    Second, it seems that you need more 'fisher' than you do 'egger' on the teams as it seems to work a little better that way... at least that is what I noticed.

    Third, I got a bat while I was a 'fisher' and on the top row. But even though I had a stick, there was no where for me to put that egg, so I just let the bat go. Perhaps add a chest to the top row for the flying creatures? As they did tend to fly everywhere!

    Fourth.... parrots. :cool: That is all I am gonna say. But they fall under the bat comments if they are ever used. Flying creatures and all that.
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