Creative Day!

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  1. I think emc should have a Creative day! Everyone can go into creative and build! But cannot get ores,armour,and eggs. I think everyone should have a chance to show how creative they are!
    Love sarandtar (tarah)
  2. But then you have the problem of literally flooding the market with basically everything. Aikar truly would ruin the economy.
  3. EMC is an economy server and even one minute of creative would completely ruin the economy.
  4. It would DESTROY the server.

    I'd get tons of DC's of beacons, quartz, and diamonds
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  5. You currently can show how creative you are. Just get the resources and build to your hearts desire. No need for creative mode, the battle of building is half the fun!
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  6. the closest thing to this I can think of, is if you show your creative talents , and apply for the build team. You can then play on Stage, which is technically an Empire server. There you can be in Creative mode :)
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  7. (In All CAPS!)
    Do You Know What That Would Do To EMC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It Would Ruin It!
    The though is nice but I can't really support U about this.
  8. OR

    just have flying enabled, like utopia
    but only in town
  9. Mabey on a NEW and DIFFRENT EMC Server!!!!!!!!
    I Love The Idea
  10. A creative server has already been suggested and turned down because EMC is a survival server only.
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  11. Not out of the question though. Just VERY far down on the list. Obviously it would not carry items over to the regular survival servers.
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