Crafting to the beat.

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  1. I was listening to some music while I was mining and I got the question in my head "What do other people listen to while they play?"

    So, tell the forum what kind of music you listen to. Doesn't matter what kind, can be anything from 8-bit tracks to rap to the heavy. Let us know, maybe we share some of the same beats!

    I personally listen to Metal, Industrial, Techno, Dub-step, and other genres like those.
    I love listening to: Nero, Example, DJ Tiesto, System of a Down, Korn, and Tool (among many artists) while I'm playing videogames. :D
  2. I just listen to the skrillex pandora station its good music.
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  3. Skrillex is alright, his remix of Sick Bubblegum by Rob Zombie was pretty awesome.
  4. Does my wife yelling at me count as music? I pretend it is. ( just kidding (kindof), she's great) I type Chevell into Jango and let it roll or talk radio. But mostly T.V.
  5. I listen to my personal mix radio on
  6. ^ That, sir, made me laugh.

    I don't think that your wife yelling at you counts, lol, but if she's singing while she's yelling it could count, that'd be freakin' hilarious. Love Chevell btw, Red is one of my favorite songs.
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  7. Lately thanks to Dreamytje I've been getting into Hardstyle. But I listen to lots of different things. Parodies, Rock, Whatever I am in the mood for at the time. S3RL, Skrillex, Tobuscus, CaptainSparklez, Benni Benassi.

    This kinda....goes along with adventuring. >.>

    Edit: Also, there's an extended version of the dubstep song from the link in my signature.
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  8. Dj S3RL= Awesome, one of the first Djs I started listening to.
    P.s. the dub-step pants video made me lol :p t'was rather funny.
  9. Am I the only oldschool kid going with guys like Dr. dre and Eminem here?
    Oh, and if I get bored of that, I either sing to myself, let someone else sing, or listen to radio. Jack-FM mostly, but occasionally I'll go on Pandora and just have some interweb radio.
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  10. I don't mind the old rap artists, I'll listen to Eminem on occasion along with other oldies. Can't stand the new gen of rap though. The lyrics are all the same, sex, drugs, drinking, and degrading women.

    I don't mind going out, partying, and having fun but when that's all their songs are about it gets pretty dumb.
  11. Exactly. I have a problem with guys like Lil Wayne who:
    1) Make absolutely zero sense
    2) Talk about doing things that no role model should be doig
    3) Cannot freestyle
    4) Get arrested for stupid stuff.

    Even Eminem was like this for a while, I think that Relapse and Encore were possibly the biggest letdowns EVER.
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  12. Asking Alexandria :D
  13. Makes 3-4 min songs and giggles about nothing to himself most of the time?
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  14. If you can't ride two horses at once you should get out of the circus & a prophecy are my fav songs.
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  15. I listen to the wonderful sound of iSmooch's voice most of the time :p or the TV in the background.. which normally grabs my attention and I'll afk abruptly for extended periods of time. Either one of those, or I sing to myself whatever I was last listening to on the radio in my car. My life is so exciting XD
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  16. I listen music--->Mining---->Creeper behind me--->I cant hear the "ssssss"---->BOOM---->Game over!
  17. Yeah, I don't listen to music outside of town much for exactly that reason. :p
  18. I know how ya feel, happens to the best of us.
    Lol, for me it usually happens during a really good part of the song. Creeper will blow up and scare the life out of me.
  19. So here's a song I think everyone can enjoy!