Cows, Black Holes, and the Space-Time Continuum Oh My!

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  1. Hellllllloooooo Empire Minecraft!

    JabrZer0 and Yukon1200 (Jordan and Aaron) here! We're starting a new YouTube series (so far unnamed). I posted about this a while ago, but I'm not sure how many people saw it. The basic idea is this: You, the viewers, write in with questions about just about anything, about science, politics, or really anything. Then we research your question, talk to experts, and answer it in a funny and easy-to-understand way.

    So here's the deal. We're filming our first episode, "What would happen if a cow fell into a black hole?" We're still missing one thing: a name. We need a good name for our series.

    If you come up with a name we decide to use for the series, we'll give you 5,000r. That's right! If we like your name idea, you could win FIVE THOUSAND Rupees!*

    Additionally, we'll give 1000r to one lucky person who comes up with a good question for the next episode!*

    *NOTE: The Empire MineCast reserves the right to NOT hand out a prize if we do not deem any submission to be up to our standards.

    We'll put a link up once we have the first video made, but until then, we're excited to see what you guys come up with :)

    -Jabr and Yukon
  2. Name: Become A Know It All!
  3. Here's a simple one:
    What Would Happen...... " "
  4. Question Hunters

    What happens when you mix 100 different soda flavors together and drink it?
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  5. I've mixed 35 before.
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  6. Question Busters :)

    Taking the derivative of (sin^2*x*tan^4*x)/(x^2+1)^2

    p.s. I know how to do that, but would love to see how you guys can explain it in simple terms LOL
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  7. That sounds to much like Mythbusters to me. :p
    The Empire Questions
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  8. Was actually thinking it to be like ghost busters :cool:
  9. Name: Solve it with Jabr and Yukon
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  10. Team solvalot: the space-time conundrum ( with cows!)
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  11. Heres a simple title: The Answer
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  12. Life, The Universe, and Everything.
  13. I don't have any suggestions :p But looking forward to it nonetheless. :D
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  14. Is this sort of like VSauce?
  15. Search it up!
  16. The 42nd Cohort of the Smarticle Particles.

    Because 42 is the answer to life.
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  17. The quest to find the meaning of life!
  18. Empire LearnCraft!
  19. Name: Whats the answer? *background music* Ba dum tss!
    Question: How many pigs can you fit into a 4x4 fence!
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  20. Lets Learn!
    Busting Facts
    Knowing life itself
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