Council of Players

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Do you want a Council of Players

Yes 9 vote(s) 52.9%
No 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Maybe 6 vote(s) 35.3%
  1. Hey could a sort of meeting to discuss community issues on the server in game so we wouldn't have to keep updating my response in the forums?
  2. I can certainly see a benefit in having a council of players meeting to discuss community issues, i am just concerned as to the selection criteria for members of the council. What could this council achieve that an open thread on the forums couldn't?
  3. Well, it could respond a little quicker plus direct action could be taken immiediatly
  4. yes I was thinking about this aswell recently its a great suggestion. but the mods meet and discuss these things also too my understanding.
  5. Well, maybe we could have representatives for regular players to bring discussions and projects to light
  6. yes that would be nice something to bring up to the moderators
  7. It Could be kind of like congress
  8. Perhaps a spokesperson for the group could bring the discussion topics and results to the attention of admin staff, maybe in a biweekly/weekly update to a forum thread.
  9. What would be your selection criteria for members of the council historian101?
  10. yes with this implemented I do think it is a very good idea aslong as some members dont grow power hungry.
  11. I think a application would be needed proving that council members are serious about joning along with a observatiuon of there actions over a weeks time
  12. It is a good idea as it can incorporate ideas from members of the empire who may not want to take a major role in the forums, but still would like to have their opinions heard.
  13. Well, for representatives, I was thinking that a group of players of certain abilities and jobs could represent their "faction". As for meetings, I'm thinking meet once a week on friday nights so we don't have to deal with weekly problems
  14. what exactly do you mean by factions?
  15. i mean groups of players that represent the opinion of a group interested in certain things like mining or shops
  16. hmmm could be a very productive idea way to go historian!
  17. thanks i got the idea from social studies class
  18. I think this is very good idea, why dont we have all staff and the most reliable/helping people who arent staff in the council?
  19. well your teacher is doing a very good job