Could some really old members give me some information?

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  1. I need to know about the history of the rupee and related plugins (shop signs etc.) on EMC. I know they used to be divisible to 1 decimal place (e.g. you could have 0.2 of a rupee) and before the daily bonus you got 1r per minute of gameplay on EMC, what else went on?

    The dates that such updates were deployed would also be really appreciated :)
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  2. Well as I joined 863 days ago, I didn't care about rupees, just spended them :D
    I also remember getting rupees per minute played and having a rupees leaderboard ( Dark_Liz was the #1 :) )
    Refferals gave you just 500r...
    don't remember anything at the moment, hope it helped you a bit :)
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  3. That! That is exactly one bit helpful. :)
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  4. I am too new.. Just under 700 days. They had the daily bonus by the time I came..
  5. Referrals used to be 1500 not 500. And if i remember correctly /r (name) would show another players rupee amount.
  6. I'll mention things you said you already knew to make my list seem longer...

    • Rupee Leaderboards
    • Referrals were 1,500, not 500.
    • You could have 0.1, 0.2 etc. of a rupee
    • Not sure if this counts as a rupee thing, but before Eggification came about we had /spawn [animal], which would cost 300r per use.
    • Smp3, believe it or not, was mall city :p
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  7. haha I know that, I'm old you know
  8. I only used it for something like, 5 days :p
  9. I know a long time ago you'd get like 5r every 20 minutes of playing or something, but that was changed to 100r a day.
  10. Oh or it was 1.5k thanks for correcting me ;)
    But ( this do I know for sure) the animal buying command was /purchase animal [ name ]
    I always bought one mushroom cow and shared it to get two cows :p
  11. Walking around town with wheat in your hands to get animals around town to sell xD
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  12. We had only two voting sides giving 50r per vote.
    I voted and bought two diamonds, they were at +/-40r

    And than losing them at Dark_Liz's tower. I am/was nearly her neighbour, so a lot of animals bought in town burned there down :/
  13. im so sorry for this volt.

    Added a new plugin to give better names to odd items in the store (like dyes, etc).
    Fixed some more "chest shop" names to make more sense.
    Changed daily sign-in bonus message to be more obvious (pink and under the motd) and to give you a countdown if you already received it today.
    Supporters no longer get supporter bonus at midnight ET, instead they get it as part of the daily sign-in bonus. This was changed to address a lot of confusion.
    Supporters will now receive their daily sign-in bonus at midnight ET if they didn't sign-in that day.
    Added new /purchase system
    Added new cross-server vault system.
    Added opening of vault to /purchase system.
    You can now purchase animals with /purchase, for 500 rupees each. They will spawn where you are standing.
    Completely rewrote the rupees system from scratch.
    BREAKING CHANGE: rupees no longer support fractions (like 1.20) and those shop signs will stop working.
    Added the alias /r for /rupees
    Remove the /rupees top and /rupees rank
    Added system to support giving away more free rupees (will come in the next couple days).
    Fixed a bug in player chest shops were someone with build permission could make a store on your lot, but the owner could not remove the sign.
    Added new section on site to view rupee account history.
    Added the ability to vote on MC top sites and earn rupees.
    Added the ability to use "FREE" for buy or sell price on shop signs.
    Added the another website to vote on for another 50r
    Vault now supports enchanted items! Sorry it took so long it was a pain in the but.
    You can now sell enchanted items in chest shops! Use /iteminfo and put the ID it gives you on the last line of the sign.
    Improved potion selling in chest shops. To sell potions use /iteminfo and put the ID it gives you on the last line of the sign.
    Added a confirmation promt with information when buying enchanted items or potions.
    Lots of various chest shop updates and bug fixes.
    Improved the chest shop /iteminfo command.
    You can now buy squids with /purchase
    Added a new forum called Community Marketplace for advertising in-game shops and services.
    Added the ability to lock chests and other items outside town by placing a sign directly above it with the first line "lock"
    Charcoal can now be sold in shops!
    Added new eggification update (see news post)
    Removed old /purchase animal because you can now purchase animals in Store
    Added support for spawner eggs to shops (future updates)
    Removed the ability to open a shop chest by clicking on the sign. This will remove confusion of how to destroy a shop sign, and also fixes some bugs where you can glitch into chests if you have build permissions.
  14. To be honest I wasn't even aware of the money until like after I was on for a week or two or so ... I was too busy worrying about building my Elite Tower and a wild base ... then when I went back to work on the Elite Tower and found out about shops I realized I already had like a few hundred thousand rupees hehehe
  15. How did you get so rich? :confused:
  16. Birch logs ...I was leowaste's, sawyert's, and itsmematheus' supplier for awhile ... i made about 80r per log or something (I know the price was way high then)... so within a few hours i was already racking in the dough.
  17. I forgive you so much for it.
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