Coomunity meeting! :D

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  1. So, Hello everybody... I basically want to know more about the community i have been the member of in the past 2 years... i taught it should go like this:
    (My anwsers will be the example)
    (You can "*****" it out any part if you want to of course)
    Name:****** József (Joe-Joseph)
    Age: 15
    Class: 9/2
    Occupation: Student-Building industry-Bricklayer (my first year)
    So... thats all about me heheh... i m excited to see your responses! :) see you guys'n'gals soon
    EDIT:Aplogies for tis but i wonder what other language can you speak... if you can for me... i can speak english
    ** If you are under 13 years of age, do not post on this thread. **
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  2. Name: Trina (Not Catrina/Katrina)
    Age: 25
    Class: Don't have one currently :p
    Occupation: None currently. But I clean my tiny apartment and play Minecraft. :p

    Not very exciting eh? xD
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  3. Name: what
    Name: who
    Name: chicka chicka slim shady
  4. I swear that I remember your name as "Macklemore"...
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  5. Name:Anna 'Chizzy' Chizmaro (Not last name but close)
    Age: 16 turning 17
    Class: Junior in american high school
    Occupation: Student-McDonalds cashier
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  6. Name: Johnathan "Ozzy" (yes, that is my real nick name!)
    Age: 17 (18 in 7 months, yay!)
    Class: American High School Senior
    Occupation: Student - Dog Walker - Minecraft Addict
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  7. Name: Hunter "Unter"
    Age: 14 turning 15 Feb 3
    Class: 9th Freshman
    Occupation: Gamer
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  8. Name: Hillbilly Bob Boy
    Age: 30
    Class: None
    Job: None, I live in my mom's basement
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  9. Name: Corey
    Age: 14 turning 15 Feb 2
    Class: 9th Freshman
    Occupation: Gamer
  10. I wonderwhich one of our lovely staff members put the quote in there for me...
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  11. One concerned about the personal safety of our young members, surely?
  12. I didnt say i have a problem with it being edited?
  13. I didn't suggest that you had a problem with it being edited.
  14. Name: Krystal "krissy" Jane
    Age: 22
    Class: Bachelor of Science Degree
    Occupation: microbiologist for state of texas
  15. Name: Doctor, Just the doctor
    Age: thirteen
    Occupation: None due to labor laws but looking into medicine, architecture, law, or a wall street career
    Class: AP (all classes)
  16. Name: Aimee
    Age: 13
    Class: Year 8/9th Grade
    Occupation: Student
  17. Proud to have such an "Educated" staff member :)
  18. I'll post moose's too so you can see that he is more edumacated:
    Name: Moose
    Age: 24
    Class: Working on his master's in business administration
    occupation: server admin/analyst person (i really have no idea, it's pretty difficult)
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  19. Name: Connor "Chris" Hunt (Chris is a joke name from my friends o3o)
    Age: 14
    Class: 8th Grade
    Occupation: Student - Gamer
  20. Name: Nobody knows...
    Age: 13
    Class: 7th grade
    Occupation: Student- Might go into something with computers or percussion, or both