Continuing my Re-Volt custom track series!

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I've never posted about this here before, but a while ago I started a series on YouTube where I play custom tracks made for Re-Volt. If you don't know Re-Volt, here's a review of mine.
    So yeah, that's fun! :D
    I'm not going to share every video here, but I generally upload one video a day, so if you want, you could subscribe and watch them as they come out (potentially getting some CP in the process!)
    I'll share the first video here: keep in mind this is featuring quite an unusual track, so if this looks odd to you, you should check out some upcoming videos too. But that's the interesting part of this series, to me, after featuring 157 (that's a lot!) custom tracks, I still get surprised every now and then at what people can come up with for this amazing game!

    From the description, for the people who are too lazy to actually go to YouTube: (;))
    "And I'm back for some more Re-Volt!
    This is the track I did last, back in August of the previous year. But for some reason, a big part got cut off of it. So I decided to rerecord this.
    Something cool that this does demonstrate, is the huge graphical improvement: I got a new pc, and a much bigger monitor too. So from near minimum video settings to maximum video settings it is!! :D From 800x600 to 1680x1050 should make a huge difference, as should the improved rendering settings.
    Unfortunately, I don't quite reach 60fps anymore now, but if my framerate gets in the way of my playing I'll get my settings down a bit again. Still though, 45-55fps should be enough for your viewing pleasure, I'll still try to export in 60fps so you get the most out of it as possible.
    If you want to see the improvement, watch this video, it's of the same track, but with the old settings.
    Anyway, school's over for me, for this year at least, so I'll hopefully be recording and uploading some more videos of custom tracks for this amazing racing game, that in my opinion still stands right up today!
    Oh, and of course, as always... be the first to write down the time of the horn in the comments to earn yourself 3 CP ;)"
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  2. first i really want to try this can it be used on OS X?
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  3. I'm not sure, I never tried it. If you download the two things the review tells you to, does the game work? If so, please say so and I need to provide another link, to the latest update.
    I hope I can be of help installing, but it's been like 10 years since my Re-Volt copy was installed, so I'm not sure how it was done :p

    Anyway, yesterday I uploaded a video of a track I quite liked: