Continued Griefing on Tree Farm

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xSkitzie, May 9, 2016.

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  1. Hello. Well I hate to do this but it has to be said. My public tree farm at res 12309 sm6 is home to the biggest tree farm on EMC. However, It has been plagued by a few griefers as of late. So with that being said, I am offering a 100k rupee award for anyone that has any information with proof. I work hard to maintain this to benefit everyone and someone is taking advantage of my kindness. Please help me out guys! Someone has to be talking about it and I am willing to bet will even read this forum. The last damage was pretty severe BUT I want to say thank you for the free dirt :D . I also want to let them know you will be caught eventually, and I am really sorry you would risk your membership with EMC of something this petty. Anyways, I am heart broken, and yes I knew the risks of this when I built this awesome place, but I guess I really had a lot of faith in others. To be honest, I feel a little let down. But I will prevail and the tree farm will be repaired soon! Sorry for any inconvience guys especially if you were wanting to harvest. My teleports have been destroyed so I have to fix those too and the entire birch floor was demolished. Give me a couple days and she'll be good as new!

    Peace & Love,

    Skitz <3
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  2. It is best to let staff handle these types of matters. Utilizing "bounties" to identify any and all griefers will turn into a fishing expedition and likely result in significant drama. The community doesn't have access to tools staff have and will, more than likely, base their views on conjecture rather than hard fact if any choose to participate.

    I do understand your frustration regarding this issue and rest assured that staff look into and deal with all griefing cases that are reported to us, but it is best to simply focus on rebuilding rather than attempting to locate the perpetrators.

    If there is anything specific you are concerned about, you are more than welcomed to contact me via PM at and we can discuss it further.

    In the meantime though, I will be closing the thread at this time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.