[CONTEST] YouTube the Empire #2

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  1. Hello EMC
    Are you a budding video creator and would like the chance to win some great prizes? Well, here's your chance! You have two months to create your video(s) and upload them as public to YouTube - hopefully bringing some new members to the Empire.


    1. The video must be filmed on EMC*. It can be in the form of a lets play, advert ect.
    2. All the commandments must be followed at all times. For example; swearing must be edited/beeped out.
    3. You're allowed to use mics so that viewers can hear you, but this isn't required.
    4. At some point in your video, a link to Empire.us (this may be your referral link) must be shown on screen. This must be edited/placed on a sign ect. - not done in an annotation.
    5. Don't mention names of other servers.
    6. Edit the video how you like. I recommend downloading the 30 day free trial of Camtasia Studio 8 although any editing software works.
    7. Play nice. Don't call someone else's video rubbish, you wouldn't like it.
    8. You can create as many videos as you wish. Each one will be open to voting individually.
    9. You may only include copyrighted music if you credit the creator and understand that YouTube may mute your video or take it down.
    10. You may use world downloader**

    10k - Donated by me. I will be adding more
    5k - Donated by nfell2009
    1 month of Iron Supporter - Donated by JackBiggin and the EMC Wiki
    24 fish
    1 redstone
    1 cat disc
    64 dirt
    2 red wool
    1 sign
    1 mushroom
    Donations are accepted

    End Date:
    1st Of February 2013 (This may be extending depending on amount of entries)

    How To Submit:
    1. Upload to this thread
    2. PM Me
    Hypercam (Leaves a hypercam message in top left)


    If you want to be a judge you must not enter this contest! I will PM who I want to become judge. Also the judge's will choose the best ones then this will go into a community vote! Then I might either pick from there or the top 3 to go into the judges again.

    Thanks Too:
    JackBiggin - For giving permission for number 2/Iron Supporter donation
    nfell2009 - For first donation of money
    IcecreamCow - For letting me do this

    Passed by IcecreamCow

    *Permission from the res owner is required
    **World downloader being used must be said in the video description
  2. I will start my vifeos in inglish and spanish :)
  3. well im gunna start right now
  4. Hmm... gonna need a ton of res pics for mine, time to start the 50 people pm!
  5. Ima enter and this Deadline is Perfect :D
  6. I'm going to enter this time - hopefully nothing gets in my way again.
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  7. Just to clarify, I gave permission for this to happen, and will indeed be rewarding a month of iron supporter to the winner. :)
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  8. Thanks Jack. I also included your EMC Wiki signature bar thing :)
  9. For mac quicktime to record.
  10. Camtasia 8

    Added it too the OP :)
  11. Eh, never use windows, but I know hypercam is a good choice, however it has an annoying watermark...
  12. Er, there's also a cross platform recorder called "krut", very obscure, but it's a .jar so almost every computer will run it.
  13. Actually, if I'm just recording small sections, how well does fraps record?
  14. Fraps is regarded as the best recorder- rightfully so.
  15. lol, almost had to do a double take when I saw who posted this.
    Good to see this contest back, though.
  16. It is glance's in for a second that should be fine. Just ask res owners and if they haven't been on for 10+ days then you can use their res anyway. I just think that its either going to be reset or left there, so it be shown :)
  17. Hypercam is actually terrible.