Contest: Your Top 5 Bands :D

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  1. So, this contest is about telling the community your top 5 bands :D.

    Here is a example:

    My Top 5 bands are:

    Number 1: Gorillaz
    Number 2: SlipKnot
    Number 3: Dire Straits
    Number 4: KoRn
    Number 5: Daft Punk

    If you make something like this, you will be entered in my contest :D.

    The prize is 7k, and a secret chest :D.

    The contest will end in 7 days :D.
  2. Bands? Hehehe

    I am going with artists.
    1. KATFYR
    2. Skrillex
    3. Zerohead
    4. Pegboard Nerds and Tristam
    5. Darude
  3. My top five not in any particular order

    1: Daft Punk *High Five*
    2: Beastie Boys
    3: Moby
    4: The Chemical Brothers
    5: Incubus
  4. Do individual artists count? For example, could I list James Taylor?
  5. Well…musicians…hm…
    1. Daft Punk-all the way… :D
    2. The Strokes-They've seriously attracted my musical taste recently
    3. Madeon- Just :D
    4. Coyote Kisses
    5. Mashup Germany

    Well due to
    , 3 and 5 will be replaced by Pendulum and Linkin Park… >_>
  6. 1: Daft punk *triple high five*
    2: Grateful Dead
    3: Avicii
    4: Alesso
    5: Dillion Francis
  7. 1. A day to remember
    2. Mayday parade
    3. Four year strong
    4. All time low
    5. School boy humor
  8. 1. Imagine Dragons
    2. Cold Play
    3. One Republic
    4. Maroon Five
    5. Beatles
  9. Murdoch Nichols all the way \M/

    Anyways, in no specific order, I like them all the same :)

    lynyrd skynyrd
    Daft punk
    Green Day
    Pinn Pannel

    Not Including Individual Acts
  10. I'm kinda all over the place, I like to mix things up :3

    Top 5 Bands
    Artist Vs Poet
    Mayday Parade
    John Mayor
    Zac Brown Band
    Bob Marly
  11. 1. Avicii
    2. Black Eyed Peas (sometimes)
    3. Imagine Dragons
    4. Calvin Harris
    5. One Republic
    6. Walk Off the Earth
    7. Fun.

    **Included 2 extra because I don't know if Avicii and Calvin Harris are applied to this contest.
  12. 1. The Strokes (glad i'm not the only one *high fives pen, misses and hits face >.<)
    2. Modest Mouse
    3. Arcade Fire
    4.Fitz and The Tantrums
    5.Dr. Dog

    ugh, 2 much music, pls halps ; - ; jk you can never have enough music
  13. If i could like your post 1,000,000 times over, I would.
  14. Nop sorry, just bands are accepted :D.
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  15. No order in this list:
    1.Imagine Dragons
    2.Twenty One Pilots
    4.One Republic
  16. 1) Bastille (Jenneth and I are amigos and compadres in this category 133t)
    2) Glitch Mob
    3) Awolnation
    4) Kings of Leon
    5) Cage the Elephant
  17. So let's see here...
    1: Anamanaguchi
    2: Uh... wait... uh... hmm... ah, no... uhhh... HMMM...
    Well, maybe I'll just go now...
  18. I see we have some stuff familiar :p

    Here's my list (For now, it changes :p)
    1. Imagine Dragons
    2. Coldplay
    3. Queen
    4. Knife Party (yes... :p)
    5. OneRupublic/Bastille/Fun. (Couldn't choose...)
    1. Nick and the prettiness
    2. Sky and the Dragons
    3. Emi and the nem
    4. Unimagined Dragons
    5. Journey