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    [CONTEST] Win 100k
    by creating the coolest resident on SP

    Hello Empireminecraft,

    Today I decided to start a fun competition for all of you who like to build things on creative or for those who just like to design things in general. This competition is to see who can build me the coolest, best designed 60x60 resident on SINGLE PLAYER. winner of this competition will receive 100k from me and I will use their design for my new resident I'm planning on building in EMC. So start working as soon as you can because I can't wait to see all of your wonderful creations! Have fun :)

    So here's how it works, You would create a world on Single player, mark out a 60x60 plot then design a nice big mansion on it. When your done send your saved world to: EMCresidentcontest@gmail.com (I'll explain how to send worlds later) and have a chance at winning 100,000 Rupees :) If you send in a world but don't end up winning the 100k you can still win up to 10,000 Rupees based on how much I like your design.


    Players must send in their world(s) before 8:00am EST on Sept 9, 2012
    ( you have 33 days to design it )

    Players have to give me a (in game name) when they send me their world.

    Players can send in as many worlds as they want.

    The creation has to be made by you not someone else.

    How I'd like it to look:

    I'd like it to take up all of 60x60 res and be at least four stories tall. I like things to look formal from the outside but modern on the inside. I will be judging on both the exterior and interior designing.
    Here's a link to a picture that shows a creation that I REALLY like:

    How to email mc worlds
    Here's a link to a video that explains how to email your saved worlds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqGUMrto4Ts You only need to watch the first three minuets to learn how to send them.

    Feel free to comment or ask any questions,

  2. Also, If i get more money I'll raise the prize :)
  3. I already sent my tower for you.
  4. Cool, That's great! :)
  5. I think i'm a little lost on the map could you give me the cords to where the tower is?
  6. I think you might want to re-send it because the world got all messed up.
  7. I'm building a church on 8465 smp4, I won't be done for a bit though mabye 2 weeks.
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  8. The coordinates are: X: -406, Y: 65, Z: 1299

    If you see some numbers on the side, you can change that to your own residence number.
  9. Ok thanks i found it :)
  10. Nice, do you like it?
  11. im nearly finishing mine <3
  12. The out side of it looks great but it would be nicer if you could design the inside a little bit better. Kinda more like a home inside of it rather than having biome's on the in side of it.
  13. Nice contest zbald. I like how people are taking my Top 5 Creations idea and putting there own spin and take on them. Good luck with the contest man! :)
  14. Nice contest. I would enter but when I do build something cool (I'm often very bad at building cool things) it takes at least 1-2 months (I'm pretty slow at building things).
  15. if i sent mine would you then give feedback on improvements? there is still loads of work to do on it??
  16. Sure, that would work just fine.
  17. its a long trek for some reason, does it work if i get to the area then when you load it up then you will be there?
  18. No, When i log on to that world it will start me off in the same place you started off when you first created the world. Just give me the cords to where the creation is and i can fly to it.