[Contest] Video Intro for Youtube Videos!

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  1. Hello Emperians,

    Me again! (I know you're all so happy to see me)

    I'm looking for another thing, which I'm sure you all can help me with. As some of you might know, I have a youtube channel, the thing is that this channel has died after several months of inactivity. But now that I'm back playing MC at a regular basis I want to relaunch my Youtube channel as well.

    I'm looking for a nice cinematic intro for youtube, which displays my name, minecraft avatar and anything that suits my name (space/eclipses/stars)
    The text can be in any font (I like smokey fonts, like the one in my sig).

    The Intro should be around 5 to 10 seconds (what is the normal length for an intro?)

    The price for whoever comes up with the best design/intro is 20k and a discount voucher for my Building services (Details to be announced later on)

    I hope you all can help me out!

    30th of June

    ~Eclipse Signing off
    javaw 2013-06-15 13-15-00-87.jpg
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  3. So, do you know where I could find a world download of a build you've made? I don't know any existing builds, and while there is 1112, I don't think you want an intro to consist of a mega mall :p
  4. https://eclipsys.imgur.com/ most of my work is there, the rest is spread across every SMP =p (in my IMGUR album the residence number are usually right next to the photo's)
  5. But it doesn't necessarily have to showcase my builds, it can also just be a name (smokin') with some kind of shooting animation (guns/bows/arrow) or blocks (glowstone/wool) or an MC animal. It's a channel that has both MC stuff and other games (Saints Row 3/GTA IV etc.)
  6. I know, it's just that I had a cinematic flyby of one of your builds, and an image just doesn't work for camera studio.
  7. I don't have any SP worlds. Try using worlddownloader?
  8. What I'm doing, although I'm having trouble finding a suitable res. :p

    Also, is there a specific "catchphrase" you want for a subtitle? I was going to use "Master Builder", but I guess that wouldn't be that appropriate in a GTA video...
  9. 1112 / 1781 / 1211 (and many others on other SMPs)
  10. I used 1781, and atm, looking for something to put as a subtitle.
  11. Anything that has my name + any kind of ''gaming'' worked into it should be fine XD

  12. Bleh, that was really frustrating. iMovie's green screen function is terrible...
  13. Me Likey! Got some more smoking sound FX? and a little more fluid.
  14. Looking for a better sound :p That was the default minecraft anvil hit.
  15. Sorry for taking so long, I was out for a walk.

    Used some hits from a studio collection package to replace the anvil sounds. Also, what do you mean by "fluid"?
  16. Erm, hello eclipsys? You there? :p
  17. Yessir I am, had a gaming weekend (wasn't home)

    The sounds are still a little Bammmhereiam! can they be made a little more smooth :D?
  18. Looking through more sounds. I got 2 gbs of sounds to sort through :p
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  19. A little less Gunnish, a bit more ''windish'' like woooosshhhh woooshhh instead of BANGWOOOSH, does that make any sence? (what i just wrote) XD?

    And could you do the fly-by at a lower rate? A little bit slower
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