[CONTEST] The Price is Right

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    13,582 rupees, to be exact

    A new competition! Here's how it works:

    1. In this thread, leave me a SINGLE screenshot* of what you consider to be worth 13,582 rupees.
    2. Based on a collection of prices from around EMC, I will evaluate each of your submissions and give it a value.
    3. Whoever is closest to 13,582 rupees (WITHOUT GOING OVER) wins!

    Some additional things:

    a. If everyone goes over 13,582 rupees, the person above the amount wins
    b. Alts are NOT allowed
    c. Don't really show me the money - it has to be in blocks or items, not actual rupees
    d. This contest ends on December 31 at midnight (when it becomes 2016)

    The prize:
    13,582 rupees, of course!

    *leave a screenshot of all items / blocks in a chest
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  2. Before I make this picture, I would like to know what you base your calculations on. Like, do you base it on auctions you see, shops on smp1, shops on smp2, shops around all servers, or something else? because prices can have a wide range.
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  3. 6 stacks of steak, 2016r per stack, = 12096r
    66 netherrack, 5r per netherrack, = 330r
    1 stack of vines, 1152r per stack, = 1152r
    2 grass, 2r per grass, = 4r
    Added up = 13582 :D
  4. The prices I use will be based on prices around EMC, more specifically shops in SMP4 (9000, 9500, etc.).

    Any shop in SMP4 is fair to use, so make sure you get a feeling for the average price of an item when using it in your submission.
  5. I used /shop. Is that appropriate? :p
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  6. The main thing I noticed in your entry was the odd pricing on steak.

    Unless someone else enter the competition, though, you're in the lead.
  7. That will probably change in the next few hours lel ;) Going to submit mine when I have the chance.
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  8. OOH! this seems fun. I'll make one later tonight.

  9. That map is a vault voucher.
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  10. Whoopsies! So sorry about the delay with results.

    :(internet connection

    In any case, good job Rhythmically! Paying now.
  11. Yay! What was my chest worth?