[Contest] St. Patrick's Day!

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    It's Equinox here with news for you! A St. Patrick's Contest! Just read the rules and post any questions you have here.

    WHO: Contest made and run by the Mercury Team
    WHAT: A Saint Patrick's Day contest of course. :p

    All you have to do is make one of these categories:
    • Pixel art
    • Building
    • Redstone contraption
    Each category must have something to do with St. Patrick's Day. There will be one winner from each category for a total of THREE winners.

    WHEN: All entries MUST be turned in to me by 11:59 PM, March 31, 2013.

    WHERE: On EMC, Creative Single Player, or on Survival Single Player

    WHY: To promote The Mercury Team (for info, click here) and to have a fun contest in the spring :)
    JUDGING: The Judges will be the Mercury Team Staff, including Eclipsys, Equinox_Boss, JackBiggin, nmanley, Terr, and SpaceShuttleFan.
    *JackBiggin is not part of the team, but he works the website and other IT stuff :)

    Pixel art and building are separate categorizes, but have the same judging system. One winner will emerge from each, as will the machine category.

    • Creativeness
    No one would have thought of it

    • Apparel

    • Originality
    You came came up and made it. No doubt

    • St. Patrickyness
    You are St. Patrick

    • Functionality
    How in the world does it work?

    • Creativeness
    Beyond my imagination... and that's saying something.. :D

    • Beautifulness

    I just cry looking at it. You are an artist

    • St. Patrickyness
    You are St. Patrick :p

    ENTERING: Start a conservation with me here. Put this in the PM:


    Where it was made(CSP, SSP, EMC):


    Any comments:

    Feel free to post what you have on this thread, but remember to send me something to :)

    In short: Build a redstone machine, a building, or a pixel art to express St. Patrick's Day. The categories: machine, building, pixel art will have ONE winner from each, so a total of three winners will come from this contest. Do your best work and you will receive PRIZES!

    PRIZES: Each 3 winners will get an even amount. Will be updated with more donations. Donations can be payable to me at /r pay Equinox_Boss [amount]

    Mercury Staff- 21k

    Have fun!
  2. Sounds cool. I will most likely enter, probably pixel art. Also FIRST!
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  3. Awesome! Have fun with it!
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  4. Bump!
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  5. It'd be great to have this on the front page so more then one person enters. :p
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  6. Bump
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  7. What about 3D 'pixel' art?
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  8. Yeah, thats fine. I would consider it a building if its three dem. But since both pixal art and a building have the same judging system, it doesnt matter.
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  9. Anyone can enter! :p
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  10. Who likes the video? :p
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  11. Lol, I like the "mwahahahahahaha..haha.hahahahahaha....hahaha..ha..ha.."
    I'd love to enter, but I still need to get my application accepted..
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  12. Oh, no. Its open for anyone!
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  13. Really! Working on it now!
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  14. Sweet. :)

    EDIT: Thanks cddm95ace :p
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  15. Changing time to the above for more people to enjoy and join.
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  16. Oh goodie, more time. :D
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  17. Yeah, I felt like it was rushed.
    Donations welcome :D
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  18. Great to see people coming! This will be fun!
  19. Bump for people in differnet time zones! ;)