[Contest] Re-Name A Mod

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  1. Well its time to pick a new name. I said I would do it when name changes went live.

    But I have an issue, I cant think of one I would like.

    So now you get to do it for me.
    Rules : Pick a new name for me ! 2 posts per player any more will be removed. Must comply with emc rules.

    Prize: Winner will receive 2 iron vouchers or 200k.
    Second best will get 20k

    Contest ends September 2nd at 6pm server.

    Any name will be considered but I would bprefer something with Batman or the Joker in it.

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  2. Instructions not clear enough, renaming JackBiggin to JokerBiggin.

    Don't worry, brainstorming names for you. ;)

  3. I'm pretty sure I said me three or four times and not just any mod
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  4. EffinGalactus? :D
  5. Sorry, but your name is awesome already. If you want something different, you should probably re-think your life.


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  6. Edit: I don't know if I'm allowed to swap my choices, But it just came to me, the best names! :D
    1. EMCsBatman or BatmanofEMC
    2.EmcsJoker or JokerOfEMC

    Something to that effect, wording is negotiable :p

    Love this!

    How about a long one: JokesOnYouBatman

    Or A mash up of of sorts, since you are a batman buff: RedHood

    Tid bit of info: the 1928 film The Man Who Laughs as an inspiration for the Joker's appearance.
  7. BaronBatman

    THAT WHAT I SAY!! loving it
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  8. I got the perfect one EffinJoker or ChaosBatman
  9. parentsaredead
  10. Two per player (read OP) :p

    My entries...
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  11. WannaknowhowIgotthesescars101
    May be a little long
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  12. Editing post.
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  13. These are all great right now.
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  14. 1 name for you and 1 for the lady
    You: HeartHarley
    Her: HeartJoker

    Then you'll pair up, and both are avail.
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  15. i wanna like this 2 times!!!
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  16. sorry for the edit.. kitty helping out. lol Guess she too feels that that you've got an awesome name. =]

    <3's for the EffinBatman :D

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  17. Cool contest! Thanks for running it. :)

  18. MrBatMan
  19. My entries are:
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  20. BatTheMan.

    Those are my entries. =P