[CONTEST] PC Background (1 Mil Prize)

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  1. Hi there! As of recent you may have noticed I havent gotten on... at all... that would be due to my loss of commitment to this game. I just stopped finding it enjoyable, whereas I can play some other game or watch a movie with the time I have after school and actually have a good time. Don't get me wrong, playing on EMC does have its fun moments- but those are more rare than they used to be (talking from before I stopped playing, not sure if anything changed from my standpoint).

    I still stop by and vote daily (when I remember... :rolleyes:), but that is pretty much the extent of my "EMC time".

    So I thought to myself, "What do I do with my rupees, they don't deserve to be neglected like this!"

    Now we come to the contest guidelines and such.

    What is this contest for?
    This contest is for a computer background. According to my computer, my screen's resolution is 1366x768. I do not know much about the art side of things and what the best resolution is but I guess those numbers could give you an idea.

    What should the background be of?
    Glad you asked. As of recent- I have grown very fond of the DC Universe TV shows (a.k.a Arrowverse (even though somehow Supergirl is now added to the "Arrowverse" yet she is in a different universe from the others... anyhow...). The shows included are: The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

    I would like the background to be of the main heroes of those four shows. An example background can be seen here (you could also watch the video "Superhero fight club 2.0" for an idea of the characters). If it is not possible for all the main characters to be included, than include the main character for Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl and the like 5 main from Legends.

    What is the prize?
    1 million rupees!

    When is the deadline for the contest?
    No need to fear, I am giving plenty of time so you can do your best work (or procrastinate until the week before the deadline before starting... :rolleyes:). The deadline is Thanksgiving Day 2016 (Nov 24).


    If anything has been left out or the terms to contests were changed and this isnt "legal", just let me know. If you have any questions, let me know. This thread will only be bumped once, maybe twice a day just so you know.

    Thanks! :D
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  2. I like you choice in TV shows, i also watch all of them :p
  3. *opens ms paint*
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  5. Posting to be reminded sometime soon xD

    EDIT: Can we have multiple pieces submitted?
  6. Don't see why not :)
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  8. Might want to make somewhere, where players can submit, so others wont see and copy, :)
  9. I actually have a chance for once :D
  10. Could always just PM me it. :)
  11. *opens paint.net* the superior paint program obviously
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  12. Marvels Agent of Shield =P
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  13. I like the DC shows more, but I do watch Shield... its only one show whereas the DC shows have 4... thats 4x the viewing experience! :D
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  17. good luck finding your background ^_^
    i am pretty worthless in the terms of this kind of thing.. i came here hoping it would be something i was already skilled at doing. lol
    but, alas! i have no good ideas! so good luck!
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