[Contest] Name my Roller Coaster ~ Prize: 100,000r

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Will you be here for the opening of the Unnamed Theme Park ?

Poll closed Sep 18, 2016.
Yes 13 vote(s) 23.6%
No 5 vote(s) 9.1%
Maybe 20 vote(s) 36.4%
Not Sure 17 vote(s) 30.9%
  1. After months of building, the first roller coaster of the Not Named Theme Park is almost complete, but it needs a name

    The coaster is located at /v 1778 (smp1). The best name to describe it's "story" will win

    • Must be western themed
    • Must be 5 words or less
    • Must be an original name
    • Must describe the ride's story (Ride it to find out ;) , don't forget to bring a minecart)

    Winner: Wild Wooden Goldrush

    By Jimbonothing64

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  2. Name it The Beast or Flight of FEAR
  3. I'm assuming the 17th of August is not accurate so I will make some suggestions. The Outlaw, The Bucking Bronco, The Rattler,
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  4. The Gitty-Up, Greased Lightning, The Red Eye, The Tenderfoot Terror, The Widow Maker
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  5. Goldhill
    Twin Tusk
    Dead Man's Coaster
    Dead Man's Land
  6. Boom coaster(Boom towns for minning camps) Rickety Ol Bridge, Minecart Express(Based on the Pony Express) and that is all I got
  7. The Wild Wind Mines Coaster
    The High Noon Showdown Coaster
    (high noon like when there is a standoff; its fast as a bullet!)
  8. First off, that coaster is a lot of fun!! I've never been on one I enjoyed as much as that one!
    It reminds me of the times I went to six flags and rode those roller coasters for the first time.
    So here's my few suggestions ^_^
    • Krazy Cartwheel or Krazy's Kartwheel
    • Iron Horse Stampede (since you are using a minecart the closest thing to a train in minecraft=iron horse)
    • Sidewinder
    • EMC Giant
    • Coyote Canyon Coaster
    • Dirt Devil
    • Road Runner-Away
    • Fiesta Flight or Fright
    • Mr. Miners Wild Ride :p
    • Runaway Ride
    • Non-Stop Stage Coach
  9. Ooooh! By the way, it says winners will be picked on the 17th? By the way, I am out at an outpost with both accounts and I can't be bothered to go into town, apologies. So if my names have nothing to do with your coaster, sorry.

    • The Outlaw's Coaster *only for the most fearless cowboys/cowgirls*
    • The Ride of the Bandit *ride away from the Sherrif on your minecart-lookalike horse*
    • Ride of the Rodeo *The most exciting coaster of all time*
    • Up and Yonder *Up... up... up... downnnnn*
    • Cavalry Coaster *Gallop, gallop, gallop... Yee-haw!*
  10. eternal damnation's nightmare
  11. Cactus Canyon Mine Train
  12. Outlaws Escape

    The chase
  13. Going to ride it if I can log on

    "the Gamblers High-Roller Coaster"
  14. The Wells Fargo Wagon :) Original
  15. The Great Escape Of The Wild West
  16. The Bandit
  17. woops The Bandit
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  18. Outlaw's Journey ;)
  19. Aw hey... thats a great name! Wish i'd thought of it...
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