[Contest] Make Jim a New Hat! [ENDED]

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  1. I am in need of a new hat (on my player skin), as it is no longer the Holiday Season.. I am thinking maybe I could trade a GameKribJim head for the winning hat design.

    Here is the original skin :

    My current skin, with hat :

    Please just edit the mask/hat, and not my head =)
    You may change the whole helmet.

    Prize: 1 GameKribJim Head

    hashhog3000 is the winner, with the JHelm skin!

    Moderators may compete.

    The contest ends the night of March 2nd (-5GMT).
  2. my_skin.png

    Uhm its not much but thought I would attempt to use a skin program and try... need this head....
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  3. I figured i'd stay with the festive theme :)

  4. You edited my head though? =o
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  5. made two version of you with rainbow clownish hat and an awesome pink nose :)

    one where your mask is completely gone

    and one where it looks like it has receded back to show the awesomeness it hides.

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  6. sketch-12.png

    GameKribCreeper! Anyway, I hope you like it. Can we do more than one entry?

    EDIT: Please see my two below posts for a revised version of the creeper (this one was poorly made) and another "J-Helm" version of a Tron helmet. Thanks! :)
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  7. Your skin was weird in the editor.... it doesnt show up only the hat and the light green J, I am terrible with this stuff haha
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  8. Jim, I have an idea on something that I think might be interesting involving your skin, imma start a pm with you and see what you think
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  9. Hmmm...I must make an Unusual.
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  10. Do you just want a hat, or do you want changes to the TRON helmet as well?
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  11. Every idea I came up with for a hat was something crazy, then I saw you post and was like "Nope, mine will be tame compared to Pen's ;)
  12. Well that is, if I decide to enter :p And who knows, you might have a much better idea than mine. :)
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  13. You may change the whole helmet =)
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  14. Capture.PNG We all know that you absolutely LOVE my skin Jim ;D skin_20140225131447186668.png
    (This is better shading than my skin atm ._.)
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  15. So for some reason my skin is all dull and nasty... so I redid it in vibrant colors. Here is GameKribCreeper V2! Please ignore the other one. Unless you prefer it, of course. :)

    EDIT: Wasn't sure if above version would work, so here's another file if you need it (the above one is a jpeg). :)

    Second EDIT: Fixed some nasty thing in the file creeper's head. :p

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  16. Here's another one... I call it the J-Helm. Tell me if you need a better image. I will post screenshots of me "modeling" the two skins tomorrow. :)

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