[CONTEST] Halloween Spirit

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What do you look forward to in Halloween?

the skeleton war 14 vote(s) 46.7%
trick or treating 13 vote(s) 43.3%
dressing up 10 vote(s) 33.3%
nothing 11 vote(s) 36.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Welcome to one of many EMC's public member Halloween contests. There are 3 parts to this contest, where there will be 4 winners in total. Prizes at the bottom.
    Part One.
    Skin Making!
    The rules are that you must get your/a skin and make Halloween themed.

    For example:

    See how I have got my original skin (TaylaTheDingus) and made it into a famour Youtube character Miranda Sings? This is what you would have to do to win this contest. :)

    And no, you cannot just simply type into Google saying "halloween skin" or "scary skin" etc. You would have to get a skin that you think you can make scary.

    2 people will be able to win. One will become winner for originality and the other for scariness.
    • Note: Please have a screenshot/picture of the the original skin, and your appropriated skin.
    Part Two.
    Selfie Contest!!
    Basically just to take as many selfies by 8th of November. No wait! Not just any selfies. The structure of the selfie is basically just you creeping up onto anyone, or any monster mob. Staff and boss mob selfies will get you a higher chance of winning!

    Sorry for bad cropping skills.

    Sadly there will only be one winner for this.

    Part Three.
    Spooky Gif/Quote
    Part Three is to post the spookiest gif or quote. Please do not have any violence or things that can creep younger players. When doing this please use a spoiler.

    Only one winner for this.

    "What is that under your bed" - Yes super scary, I might as well have cancelled this part and made myself the winner.

    • 50k for each winner (4 winners in total)
    Yes, it is very easy to win. But good luck. :) Happy Halloween! Happy birthday Satan!

    Skeleton War is an inside joke which originated in 2013 and circulated through Tumblr in October 2014, as a way to tag GIFs or pictures of skeletons used to celebrate the month leading up to Halloween.

    Note: You don't have to do all three parts.

    This competition ends on November 8th.

  2. YAS! I am so doing this!!
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  3. Hmm my skin and a spooky version of my skin...
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  4. looks cool. would be better if you used the selfie we took together ~.~
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  5. i just wanted a picture of your satan eyes <3
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  6. 3 spooky 5 me
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  7. This quote may scare the younger players, so it will be placed in a spoiler.

  8. 2spooky4me
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  9. muahahaha
    "...running to the boy's aid, the father asked his screaming son 'What's the matter?', as the son began to say a monster was in his closet...The father checked the closet - alarmed to see his son cowering in the closet, look up and whisper to his father 'Dad... someone's in my room' "

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  10. Oooooohhhhhh, spooky BlackKnight
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  11. the more you take, the more chance of winning!! how exciting!! and spooky!!
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  12. Two questions here; Can we compete in more than one contest? And how do I make a spoiler?
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  13. 1. Yes, I believe so.
    [spoiler]TEXT/IMAGES HERE[/spoiler]
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  14. "This Halloween im going to hand out lemons while wearing a shirt that says Life on it."
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  15. May write a short spooky story:
    " The fog is rising as the sounds of screams of terror slowly approach us..." -Dj
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  16. testing

    Ok I finally figured it out thanks hashhog :)
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  17. Horror story of my life
  18. is anyone even going to try the skin part
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