[Contest] First Annual Building Contest: Blocked Pt. 1

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  1. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the first annual building contest.

    This contest is going to be held over the course of a month or month and a half depending on how I feel. First we must determine who will be competing for the only 3 slots we have, so I would like you to sign up here after reading the following rules.

    Also we can only accept 25 people to compete for our 3 slots, so it's first come first serve.

    I will not make any exceptions! If you do not get a spot out of the 25 I will not add any more!


    1) The reses you will be entering to compete will be: 60x60 and must be complete. (No Utopia reses)
    2) You can enter a previously built res but remember you get points for originality if I've seen it before it wont help your case.
    3) You cannot have this entry be a mall or shop, it must be a project or creation.


    Seeing as how I will be going through 25 different buildings, I would like you to PM me your pictures, res numbers, and Server Numbers, this way I can look it over and over again.

    The first part of the contest will be continued over the course of 3 Weeks starting Next Sunday (3/16/2014)

    There will be no prize for winning this part but the 22 people who do not progress into the final 3
    will receive 500r!

    Moderators are allowed to compete as well.

    First Place in the Second Part of Blocked will receive 20,000 rupees
    Second Place in the Second Part of Blocked will receive 10,000 rupees

    Judges and Host
    The Esteemed and Iconic Todd_Vinton!
    The One and Only, AlexChance!
    The Well Folded, OrigamiJoe!

    With your Host, NetherSpecter!


    1) EMC's local novelist, his pen hungers for words, Kephras
    2) His eyes are staring into my soul, creepybanana1000
    3) It's a Man, its a bear its Man_Bear_Pig
    4) A bunch of numbers can only mean 1 thing, 820327
    5) He doesn't care if you're overated, Hxcami10
    6) He couldn't fetch me KFC? ChickenButler
    7) Taking it to the Ultimamaxx
    8) Have you seen his Iron Pyramid? Dwight5273
  2. Update: The 22 contestants who do not progress into the final 3 will receive 500r for participating
  3. when does the contest begin
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  5. How do I sign up?
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  6. So i could get 500r for just entering?
  7. Yup :) But you must participate, as said above :)
  8. Just post here and PM me your pics, res number, and server address when you're done :).
  9. so its creativity? can i submit my res that i have right now that im renevating and changing up? i have shops but they are hidden so i wont use those, what exactly do you want photos of? like everything? and how do we relay those to you as i am not fimiliar with how that could be done.
    p.s id like to enter

    p.s.s is it a specific creative creation thing on the residence? or the entire residences creativity that is being judged
  10. I've got a project that I'm almost finished on, can I enter now, or does it have to be entered after I finish it?
  11. Well judging will really start after sunday which is why Im not looking at any reses. So... after Sunday you'll have 3 weeks to enter a res.
  12. Bump! Still got 22 more slots left!
  13. 20,000 rupee prize for first place in the end of the entire competition, and don't forget that you get 500r just for participating!
  14. Sounds cool. I'm very bad at building though.
  15. ill be entering in on this btw. just working on my build right now want to make sure its done before sending pictures and all that.
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  16. That's fine you have 3 weeks :)
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  17. As my residence is too large for pictures of everything, I hope you can check it out on the server.

    Motto: "Who knew? An adventure map in a well!"
    Res ID: 413 / smp1
    Location: Inside the well, behind and to your right.
    Description: I've made a small adventure map hidden within a well at 413. I hope to expand more soon, and of course I'll be entering whatever you see when you review it. From the time I post this and the time you review, I may have added more content! I'd also like to add the HQ (/v 413 hq), but that's not a big factor, as the adventure map is my main entry.

    Good luck to all contestants, and may the odds be ever in my favor!
  18. Don't forget this contest will be judged by 3 iconic players!