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Are you Supportive of this Contest and what I am trying to do for the EMC community?

Yes! 39 vote(s) 92.9%
No! 3 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. I'm sorry to inform that due to personal reason's that have had a catastrophic impact on my life as it is right now, I will not be able to upgrade any users until further notice. I was really hoping to begin upgrading users in November but I am uncertain as to whether or not I'll even have the funds to do so anymore.
    What happened to me isn't something as small as a missed payment or a family member needing money it's such impact that I may lose my home. I hope you all understand why I must end this event for the time being.

    Once again sorry for this and I do hope I will be able to do this later on.

    Hello Empire Minecraft Community.

    My name is BoxmanVince, I've been hanging around EMC for what seems to me about 3 months now. So it's safe to say I'm a rather new user to this community.

    Something that I've been planning to do for sometime now is to start-up a contest on EMC.
    Not a contest where you win an Item but you have the opportunity to be upgraded to Gold for 1 month.

    I have received IceCreamCow's Permission to move along with this project!

    In the next couple of weeks I will begin putting together a list of the users who have been accepted for upgrade. The Applications these users made should be Exemplars for anyone who else who wishes to apply. If I liked your application then you are most probably accepted.

    So some of you might be asking yourself questions about how I am funding these upgrades and some of you may just be flipping head over heels that someone is actually doing this.

    For those wondering how this will be funded.

    Well, I've been running a couple game servers and these servers do bring in Donations. Being good mates with the owner of the company that is hosting my servers I get a fantastic discount. This leaves money left over. Instead of doing the typical greedy server owner thing, I decided to instead of buying stuff for myself I chose to re-donate that money to another community who I felt deserved it. Having had a dandy of a time on EMC and meeting very nice people I chose EMC to be another one of the server's on my list.

    Another way that money is being brought in to support this contest is through the Freelance work I do as a Level Designer or Mapper. One map depending on the game can make up to 120-270$

    Now, I do not plan to upgrade any user so there will be requirements for this contest.

    #1; You cannot have been upgraded to any level in the past or currently be upgraded.
    #2; No bans on Record, I will ask EMC staff to proof check users.
    #3; At least 120 Days since your first EMC log in.
    #4; I ask that you take time filling out the form bellow for higher chances of me choosing you to be upgraded. I will not accept Low Quality 10 minute applications, Imagine you are applying to become EMC Staff.

    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them):
    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?:
    Have you ever been banned or kick?:
    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?:
    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?:
    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?:

    Answer the questions above as truthfully as possible and please put some effort into it and I assure you'll have high odds of being upgraded.

    Notice: Background checks will be performed on Mains and Alts. If either has been any level of Supporter i will have to deny your upgrade. Sorry. this event is for those who have NEVER had any form of upgrade/supporter. If you are on the list and have had supporter in the past please contact me. Id prefer to remove you from the list now instead of have to find out later on.
    Thank you.

    Accepted list:
    1. Gabrielrocks69
    2. canuckshockey
    3. darksuperlord
    4. WeirdManaico
    5. ElectricKiwi

    I'll be doing Two users/month to being with. If you were chosen once please do not re-apply.

    I do accept Rupee or Item donations, Id much appreciate to help build my completely public residence on SMP1, Thank you.

    Questions users have asked me, with the Answer:

    Gabrielrocks69 Asks: when will a winner be announced?
    Answer: The event will last as long as I wish to upgrade users. I will be upgraded 2 or more users each month. So the first two people on the list next month will be the next to be upgraded.

    Anonymous* Asks: I wasn't added to the list can I re-apply?
    Answer: To know if you were denied look for the next application that was "liked" by me. If you wish to re-apply then just edit your existing post and add "Re-Application" In Large Green to show you've re-applied. If need be, PM me to let me know you've done so. (If this thread gets passed 5 pages please include a link to your post)

    Anyone interested in what the the servers I run are feel free to pm I'm not posting any external links or IP's here.
  2. It's great that your doing this. If everyone on emc was like you, I'd never have to buy gold xD. Front Page. I'm calling it.
  3. Re Application #2
    Name(In-game):darksuperlord (see look at that, gold looks good with the name)
    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them):nope, although my friend plays on here and when he forgets to log on for a extended period of time, I do vote for him so his res doesn't go derelict, but I don't use him as a second res
    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?:I feel that my name in orange would look cool and that the extra rupees per day would be good for helping out new/in need players. Often when someone I recognize from my early days on EMC returns after a long time, I donate several thousand rupees so that they can get a new start should their res have been reset. As far as I know, I am on no one's hate list, and occasionally, I post a suggestion on the forums that is supported by a large amount of the community. In the past, I had tried to get gold supporter with a Visa Gift Card, but due to pay pal being dumb, and being a bit nervous to PM IceCreamcow about that, I decided otherwise. If I had used that, and then sometime later I wanted to buy something with that gift card, and then my parents found out it had been used, they would have a fit because I had used it without alerting them. Now that school has started, my parents would instantly say no should I ask them about it, as they aren't a fan of the game. It was incredibly difficult to even persuade them to buy the game, because as other people have stated, they don't really like online transactions, and weren't really fond of me playing online with other people. If I were to win,I would dedicate my second res towards a public villager trading area with many trades to choose from. Server? I'm thinking smp7 or smp8. The reason here being, if I can get a res on a couple servers, then thats a wider audience that I can assist, help and entertain. Most people who have talked to me on smp2 would say I'm a friendly and nice person. Some people, like Jcplugs, would say that I am incredibly helpful, as for the last couple months, I have been organizing her storage (no easy task, go look at it on her first res, then go take a look at the wall of double chests that I can assure you are filled with a wide assortment of things at 3731). Recently, I found that I enjoyed making infinite villager trades, which is why my second res would be dedicated to just that, and for the public!
    Have you ever been banned or kick?: I have been kicked, but for nothing serious, just afking on Justinguy's residence, falling through the teleporter, looking at scenic smp1 town spawn
    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?: about 230 days ago, as of reapplication exactly 236 days, although I plan on being around for many, many more
    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?: generous, I spend most of my time on EMC assisting other players which, should I win, is what my second residence will be dedicated to (see bottom of post), I wouldn't say that I do cherish my money though, once I hit a 10k milestone, I am hesitant to go under that.
    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?: I was going to say no, but then I thought long and hard about it, and decided that I would indeed like a hug if not chosen, which for the first round, I will gladly take tomorrow, at around noon EST
  4. EquableHook624
    I have One alt named tristananderson but it is shared
    I deserve to have supporter on emc because im a very good player i rarely get kicked or ban on emc maybe i get kicked the odd time because i have those "off days" everyone does so i deserve this gold supporter ship
    I have been kicked about 2 times for spam as i said above i have those "off days"
    It has been 350 (taken on the 6th of october) since my first day on emc
    I wouldn't consider myself greedy at all maybe other players might but me personally i don't i consider myself generous since i donate quite a bit
    Do you know what if i didn't get picked a hug would be excellent
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  5. Name(In-game): BooterPower
    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them): Yes, GizmoMoPower, Reindeer_
    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?: Well, we are starting a little neighborhood centered around my IRL friend, there are only two spots remaining and I could get them with this.
    Have you ever been banned or kick?: Once, only once I believe
    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?: Oh gosh, let me check... 379 days.
    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?: Generous, after I get supplies for my alt's res I'm buying my friend a beacon.
    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?: Who wouldn't?
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  6. :lockmgr: (alert) Data loss

  7. I'm hurt :(
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  8. Name(In-game):skrillexrocks500
    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them):yes, but my friend is usually on it (gokussj500)
    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?:I think I would deserve it because yesterday I tried to upgrade bu it wont work with debit cards
    Have you ever been banned or kick?:yes kicked(1 0r 2 times) banned(once for only using caps)
    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?:about 119 day
    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?:I think I would be both at different times
    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?:no I would give the person who wins a hug and a high-five
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  9. Name(In-game): xHaro_Der

    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them): I don't technically have an alternate account, but I kind of do. I've tried many times to get my IRL friend into EMC but he's been persistent on playing PvP servers and creative servers. I think I've taken around 4 attempts at trying to get him to like EMC and I've had no luck. So my friend (NOWgamer99) let me use his account to claim a second residence for myself and to claim promos.

    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?: I think that I deserve a gold supporter upgrade because of the effort I put into helping our community. I have always been reporting rule-breakers and letting staff know of any problems I notice. In addition I have wrote a wiki page (timeline) and tomorrow I plan to send staff a list of some wiki spelling/informational errors I have come across. When in game, if I see somebody ask a legitimate question in town chat and I'm not busy; I usually would either answer it or link them to the appropriate wiki page link. I have not been able to upgrade myself to supporter in the time I've been on EMC mainly because of IRL issues. My parents are the type that wouldn't pay for things online as they find it "risky". If it was totally up to me; I'd spend a good chunk of my IRL money on buying supporter. To put this into a way you might understand it better, I literally had trouble getting Minecraft. I have been playing on cracked Minecraft for quite some time, probably a year or so. The servers there are pretty terrible, the staff is corrupt and there are a lot more rule breaks. I already knew that legit servers are way better so after finally convincing my parents to let me buy Minecraft, I found EMC and have stuck with it as my only server ever since. I don't ever plan on quitting EMC in the foreseeable future and I hope to stick to it as long as I can.

    Have you ever been banned or kick?: I'm gonna be honest here. I've been temp banned for 10 minutes. This was for reporting JackBiggin on like my first 10 days for something pretty dumb (I did it as a joke). I realize it was wrong at this point, back then I hadn't exactly read the guide yet so I thought it was fine. Also probably in my first month I was kicked by AlexChance for being a bit rude and I'll actually admit I was being rude to somebody.

    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?: 119 days, not kidding. 120th day is tomorrow lol

    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?: Generous - I try to give donations to events when I can. When I'm not busy or doing anything I sometimes help new members figure their way around or even start their residence. I try to help out friends with their residence and things when they need it.

    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?: Why not.

    Uh yeah, that was long.. Anyways, I told the absolute truth on this, there isn't a single detail that isn't factual. Even if I don't get picked I'd appreciate a hug o3o
  10. Name:Luckypat
    No alternative Acount
    I think I should get picked because Ive been on for 668+ days, so i have been here a while. I would love to have another thing to do, like get another res to build some new cool creations.
    I have been kicked when i was new for spamming...lol
    668 days (Still going ;))
    Heck ya generous. I loveee to give out stuff to the emc community when they need it.
    I would love a hug, no matter what mood im in :)
    Thanks! :D
  11. Name(In-game): SkyDragonv8
    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them): None
    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?: I have been a member of EMC for 600+ days, I have had my ups and downs and lost a lot of rupees and items in my experience doing so. I deserve it because I have been working as hard as I can to achieve success. I have yet to complete my residence and I wish to have a residence on my old home server, SMP7. I plan on achieving greatness on this great server.
    Have you ever been banned or kick?: Yes, I have unfortunately. But that was a few months ago and I was angry because a residence was unclaimed with most of my stuff on it so I moved to SMP4. I don't see it fair that just because of my old history that I should be judged on these current events.
    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?: 607 days ago, surprising that I have never been supporter?
    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?: I consider myself a little bit of both. I try to help people out with materials but some times I have to fend for myself in this Rupee-Loving community,
    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?: That would help a lot actually.
  12. Oh. My. God.
  13. b-b-b-but you are only 119 days >:U
  14. I have a question. This is a new account that I have been using that has not seen over 120 days yet but my old account has almost seen 500. I was wondering if I am still able to enter and if so would you like some sort of proof that I have that old account?
  15. 120 days in 2 hours :3

    I found out I was accepted 10 minutes ago, and my face irl is still like this :eek:
  16. His application hosted by far the highest quality of any of the other application I have seen so far so I've accepted it regardless.
    Please comment on my profile from that account saying you are who you say you are. But if you Other account has been supporter before I will have to deny you.
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  17. - Stares with a glare-
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  18. Fight fight fight fight!
  19. Name(In-game):Canuckshockey

    Do you have Any alternate MC Accounts?(If so name them): Not any that I myself have purchased, but two friends of mine djsplayer & ardvark132 who used to play on EMC but now rarely play Minecraft. Sometimes I use ardvark132 for grinding but haven't lately and I only use djsplayer to claim promo's.

    Why do you think you deserve an EMC Upgrade?: I think I deserve gold supporter because I am an active community member, maybe I am not like Haro writing wiki pages (because they wouldn't be of super high quality) but if I see a thread with someone asking for help I look at it and do the best I can to help. If I become a supporter I think I would start donating to worthy causes (not people begging with no cause, more like people building things that benefit the community as a whole.) Right now I find myself frugal and always trying to save money, but I want to be giving back to this community that has given so much to me. I want to be like you, giving things away just to be generous to people, helping new players understand EMC, and how cool everything here is. Reading other responses, I find myself in a situation like Haro, my parents don't like transactions unless they have seen other people they know use the service and my endless nagging doesn't seem to work on them (That's why I don't have my own alt) :p.
    Have you ever been banned or kick?: Banned? No. Kicked? You really have to ask a staff member on this one, sorry.

    How long has it been since your first EMC log-in?: 589 Days, and counting :).
    Would you Consider yourself Greedy or Generous?: Truthfully, I try to be generous and give new players basic items but I find that not enough, and compared to others I seem to be tilting to the greedy side, which is something I would try to change if I become supporter (maybe giving 300-400r of donations daily to projects.) If I get chosen .
    Would you like a hug if you don't get picked?: A big bear hug would help if I don't get chosen. Thanks for reading this man, and I know everyone you choose will be well deserving.
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  20. OMG, wow, I just saw my name on the list, off to find my mom so I can tell her! Thanks so much man!
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