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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by JackBiggin, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. AKA troll Aikar

    So yes, I'm back with yet another completely unoriginal contest! And it's the most unoriginal yet, I present to you Empiredeas!

    For those of you who didn't know, Planet Minecraft recently ran a competition called Minedeas which will be similar (but not identical) to this one. To win the competition you had to come up with the most awesome, epic and amazing idea, say what is it, why it should be added to Minecraft and how it would work. Judging is still in progress, but to give you an idea of how entries could look for Empiredeas, you can check out my PMC contest entry here (don't worry, I know mine's long and all that - I doubt that any entries for Empiredeas will actually need to be that long).


    Imagine you've kidnapped Aikar and have the power to make him add one thing to EMC. You can add literally anything, but Aikar being Aikar, he won't create anything himself. Sure, he'll code it all for you but he's too stubborn to choose the commands or anything like that.

    Your job is to explain WHAT you think should be added, HOW it would work and WHY it's the most amazing idea ever (Aikar wont add non-amazing ideas, he can use /g IRL too).

    Again, you can try to add anything to EMC - from giant chicken boss fights to a friends list the choice is yours. It's all about quality and justification.

    You can use images, text, videos or pretty much any other form of media to present your idea. It just has to be explained well.

    Please only submit one idea - just make sure you write in detail and get screenshots or whatever else. One sentence will not win you the competition.

    The winner will receive 35000 rupees and an Empire Firework (may be delayed until Aikar fixes the vault if not fixed before the competition ends).

    Second place will receive 7500 rupees.
    Third place will receive 4500 rupees.

    Thank you to "a certain ninja" for donating!

    Unlike many of my competitions where the public vote for the winner, this one will be be judged by a number of judges picked by me - mainly for their knowledge and dedication for EMC, or being extremely talented.

    Judges will vote anonymously for who they think did the best job. I wont be judging any entries. All entries, regardless of how well they did will be posted when the judges are finished, along with the results.


    Please PM all entries to me via the forums. If you're unsure on how to do that, use this link. Publicly posting entries is bad and upsets us all, so please don't do so.

    You have until the 15th of March to get your entries in - so take your time to create a masterpiece. Good luck everyone!

    Disclaimer: it's unlikely/impossible that any ideas entered into this competition will actually be added to EMC, so please don't get your hopes up. It's all in the name of fun (and rupees)!
  2. I like this, and I have enough time too!
  3. Hmmm wonder's where he got the idea
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  4. Your 'alt' :p I know a good idea. Dragon tombs not in valve time!
  5. What? Its from PMC's Mineidea's with Jacks 'mod shop' idea which must have got him addicted.... :eek:
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  6. Considering that was posted at the top of the thread... yeah...
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  7. It's a joke lol.
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  8. Yeah I didn't read that part.
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  9. You went right to the prizes part. xD
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  10. Maybe....
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  11. This sounds awesome I will most likely enter.
  12. EDIT: I'm an idiot who can't pay attention to the main post. Sorry, Jack.
  13. I saw the original post, thanks for correcting it though. :)
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  14. Awesome :D Anyone, feel free to use the EMC time zone idea, if that's allowed :p
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  15. I will definitely think of something :)
  16. How does the choesing happen? You?
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  18. 5000r has been added to the prize fund for first place by "a certain ninja"!
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  19. Should I?
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