[Contest] Eclipsys' Building Contest

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  1. Greetings Emperians!

    I'm here today with a building contest of sorts. I'm looking for 2 fast and experienced minecraft architects/builders who are willing to join my (currently on hold) building service.

    What you need to do:
    Build a house/tower/villa or anything else that you can Live in, use any materials and make it any size you like. (Bigger building does NOT mean bigger chances of winning)

    What will you be able to win?
    A job in my building service and a part in an upcoming project that I will reveal soon. Above that you will also be able to win 1 month of diamond supportership.

    How to enter?
    Fill In this form:
    Blocks used:
    Reflection on why you should be chosen:

    End date of this contest: December 20th

    Happy building!

  2. What exactly are you judging on? Everyone likes something different. I know that you don't like lots of glowstone and you like slabwork; but for most people it's the other way around. So should we be building to your appeal, or appeal to most of other players?
  3. On EMC or creative?
  4. I'm a slow, skilled builder :(
  5. I've been learning how to build skillfully over this year, but I hadn't made any mega build showing my abilities yet. I'm mostly waiting for EMC to update to 1.7 for the new blocks.
  6. I build a lot with world edit in csp, but not on emc. I can't build too well without flying. :p
    I also can't get on often with a bunch of schoolwork. I am a freshman in highschool.
  7. Name: Crabcakes200m and GMW_I (my brother)
    Build: Mega Mall on 707, Sugar Cane Farm on GMW_I res, but I have built houses before and they are really cool
    Inspiration: Making money for my mall, but for building houses I just like to annoy my brother and friend (wolfegab)
    Blocks used: Dark Wood, Some Dark logs, Glass, stone brick, cobblestone, slabs, ect.
    Reflection on why you should be chosen: Me, my brother and my friend are good builders and this seems like a cool idea :D
  8. It can be anything you like, built in SP or on SMP. You can use whatever resources you can lay your hands on as long as you DONT use WorldEdit!!!

    Stated above

    I'll take a look :) thx for participating

    You can build on SP as well and show me what you've built via screenshots

    Give it a try :)
  9. Give it a go, you never know what you come up with
  10. /me builds a building out of glowstone
  11. I believe it's
    images here
    ? But I don't know for sure
  12. I have tried. Trust me. When I build something, it is really hard without flying. But when I do build, I try to put some effort in. I have a current build on my res not yet finished, but it doesn't look too good.
  13. Keep on practising, you'll become better if you repeat things :)
  14. I guess I could give it a go. I'm not saying I'm very good at building though. A while ago I made a thread with some little things I made but that was a very long time ago.
  15. Give it a go, show me what you can do! There are 2x Diamond supporterships on the line :p
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  16. I got this then. I have to wait until sunday or Monday for when my laptop arrives from being repaired :)
  17. Using 1.6 items or 1.7 items? Because if I can use some of the new stuff in 1.7 I can make some great things
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  18. It can be in any Minecraft version you prefer.

    I'll be looking at the amount of detail, materials used, overall look and execution of the build :)
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  19. Any certain texture pack we must use? Or just default for our builds.
    A change in texture pack CAN affect ones view on a certain building.