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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AmusedStew, Apr 1, 2015.

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  1. I know, best title ever right?

    Okay so here is my contest:

    I need a room for my auction pickup/sand co. pickup. I currently have a small room on Utopia but I am losing diamond in 3 days and will not use utopia as much. So, I need a new room and I suck at designing.

    • Make in creative SP.
    • Send me world DL (media fire, dropbox, etc...)
    • Post pictures in thread, I will have a judge. (Dont know who yet though...)
    • No bigger than 25x25
    • Must have chests and be able to have access signs
    • I would prefer around 40DC (can be trapped and regular). More is good though.


    • 1st place- 30,000r and an AmusedStew sand co. voucher!
    • 2nd place- 20,000r and an AmusedStew sand co. voucher!
    • 3rd place- 10,000r and an AmusedStew sand co. voucher!
    • Every submission that doesn't make it receives a voucher as well! Normal 1dc vouchers

    THIS CONTEST ENDS ON 4/14/15 @ 6PM EMC Time. This is about 2 weeks!
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  2. I have found a judge- NetherSpecter

    He will be judging the contest once it is over and pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner :)
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  3. Bump- Anyone know the proper bump time for event threads? It is not listed so I am assuming either 3 or 6 hours?
  4. I'll enter soon :)
  5. I can't do a WDL, but I can make it for you.
    2015-04-01_22.02.19.png 2015-04-01_22.02.31.png 2015-04-01_22.02.43.png 2015-04-01_22.02.53.png
  6. Why wouldn't you use utopia as much?
  7. If I cannot mine my sand on utopia, then I would have to transfer DC upon DC of sand, and the vault pages I have noware full of clutter.
  8. Ah, makes sense.
  9. Will work on something this weekend. I remember you had a contest for an ore shop build a while ago and I won that, so let's see if I get lucky again.
  10. Bumping for the Bumps.

    I edited the prizes (added money). Would like to get alot of submissions so that some judging can happen fo realz!
  11. Any requirements around how many chests/DCs you want in the room?

    Edit: Also, 25x25x height? 25 again for height? thanks!
  12. As many as can fit, I would prefer around 40DC (can be trapped and regular). More is good though.


    I will add this to the OP.
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  13. My version is horizontally expandable, but I can re-do it if need be.
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  14. Assumptions - That no entryway was needed (tp into this room). Since this is described as "room", I did next to nothing on the exterior. I also assumed enclosed/underground (no windows). Height wise, I went to roughly 20 blocks.

    I incorporated sand and sandstone to tie in with your business :D

    The build is 25x25 with chests evenly divided between both floors. Total chests is 128. I also included some ender chests, crafting tables, etc.

    Suggested TP entry point on the middle of first floor. Second floor can be accessed by climbing vines or open water columns.

    First floor view from hallway end -

    Optional signs, item frames, and/or paintings for organization. Also handy for helping customers picking up their auction winnings with "your order is in the green aisle". -

    Second floor view from middle -

    View of the "edge of the wall" chests. There are 4 of these areas on each floor. These have 2 single chests each in case that size is ever more appropriate (enchanted items, promos, etc - things that can be auctioned in less than DC quantity). -

    And as a bonus (you can ditch this, I did it for sheer fun of a "secret area" lol) for those curious enough to go exploring all the way up a water column, a little optional "secret garden" on top of the room. -

    I have never used mediafire in my life, so off to figure out how to use that so I can send you the build. Cheers!

    EDIT: Please let me know if this gives you any trouble.
  15. Welp, you win... >.>
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  16. lol Qwerty, I appreciate the compliment, but it all depends on what they're looking for! Your build is clean and elegant. I went for busier and more ornate. Ya never know what folks like best :) Luck and cheers!
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  17. Thanks for submission! Will DL after school and have a look at it close up. :)
  18. How to upload to mediafire (I put it in the OP as well)

    Found this video, watched it and it helped me understand. :)
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  19. Will start something cool for this, so many ideas, woot woot.
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