[CONTEST] Build a Gingerbread House 2023!

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  1. This is so great! I love build contests and this is the first I have actually joined, aside from my Halloween shack. I hope there is a list of the other builds that were submitted so we can all have a look at the hard work of everyone.
  2. I also had a ton of fun building for this event with Blockhead_56. This is the second time I participated in a build contest and if it wasn't for Blockhead's empty res we would have had a difficult time building it. So, my thoughts are, is it possible to have plots available for us to use during the event like with htown? Or, maybe assigned "reses" in the wild that can be accessed via teleports the way our builds during Moople's build a base event are. Assign an area for each person or group to use during the contest then lose perms for it after the deadline. It would create a village of permanent builds for each contest.
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  3. How many contestants are there?
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  4. There was a total of 6 entries. I can't wait to see all of them! :D
  5. Thank you all for your patience. The entries have been reviewed and the results are in! There were some really great builds submitted! I love seeing all of this creativity from the community. :D

    First Place:

    Second Place:
    Blockhead_56 and farmerguyson

    Third Place:

    Honorable Mentions:


    Congratulations to all! Thank you for joining the Gingerbread House building contest. :D
    The full playlist is available here!
  6. Congratulations to LindenNZ!!

    And also to Envine, ClayPlatypus and Acemox2k. I hope you all had as much fun on your builds as farmerguyson and I had with ours. They all look great!
  7. Thank you! I was really not expecting to win!! It was a fun build - particularly taking the snow golems around on leads to fill in the snow for me :D
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  8. You can visit mine (and my 2020 build) on smp7 at v +gingerbread - I might hide some treats for visitors :)
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  9. Congratulations to all the entries!

    It was a lot of fun building and I'm looking forward to the next build event.

    Thank you Blockhead for choosing me to assist in building the house. I learned many neat tricks. 🙂
  10. Congratulations to all! Wonderful builds, and so nice to see so many entries.
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