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  1. Take a snapshot during the game or 1 you already had and post it on here that you think is awesome! In 3 weeks i will pick the top 3 best snapshot's. Any rupee donations are excepted, If you do donate ill list your name below and Post that you doanted plz plus ill check :) Get Snappy

    Prizes: 1st gets 1kr and a $ Get Snappy $ block
    2nd gets 1 diamond and 100r
    3rd gets 50r and 1 shiny arrow

    Donaters: None So Far
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  2. This one is one of the sunrises over my outpost. On a sidenote, you spelled donators worng :p
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  3. This was on a singleplayer world. Even so, it was amazing to finally beat the enderdragon.
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  4. Bump down to 2 weeks and a half!!
  5. It was hard to pick just one :p
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  6. Im jealous
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  7. Oh... I think I have some nice ones, but I probably have around a thousand Minecraft screenshots total, so it'll be hard to find and choose a good one :p
  8. How many entries are we each allowed?
  9. you can have 2 entries only
  10. Wow that's beautiful Agennt especially the first one
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  11. Bump Wednesday i will annouce winners dont know what time then thursday rewards will be sent out
  12. Ok i am now annoucing the winners i will send and pay there prize tomorrow :)

    1st: Agennt
    2nd: Kytula
    3rd: Rosy2696

    Thx everyone who attended the snapshot contest :)
  13. My favorite snapchot is 15w37a


    Ill edit in a screenchot(its not about the snapchot) when i get home! I may not had enter competition, but i want to share it

    PS: congratz to winners

  14. Best picture from me ever!
  15. Nice but the contest is over ( sorry but nice )