[Construction] Cozy Cabin

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  1. I will build anyone who wants one a Cozy Cabin. I found this design and modified it and made it my own. You guys will love it. Here's a picture with my favorite texture pack (Paper-Cut-Out):

    Here is a picture with the default texture pack:

    Some Inside Pictures:

    (Note: To add the dog, it is 30 rupees extra).

    I provide the materials: 1,000 Rupees
    You provide the materials: 250 Rupees
    To build it in the wild, I provide materials: 1,750 Rupees
    To build it in the wild, you provide materials: 1,000 Rupees

    Come to my residence on Smp9 (18513) and private message me if you want me to build it on your residence. Once the payment is received, I will build it immediately.
  2. umm their is no picture but i am interested in a Cozy home xD
  3. I uploaded a picture and prices, check again. Tell me if you are still interested. :D
  4. I am interested it looks cool but can you use a Different type of Planks?? you supply---res 1333-- smp1
    :) can you do it right now?
  5. Sure! I can do it right now. I'll be on your res on smp1. What kind of planks were you thinking?
  6. I predict that you will get a lot of buyers when this thread catches flame.
  7. Nick, I won't be able to finish on Wednesday, but ill be on Friday, and ill finish. Also, can i have my 1,000 rupees please?
  8. Well, ill be building a lot of Cabins then :D
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  9. Im sorry but i will pay you once you finish it. its better to do it like this so i don't get cheated..
  10. Ok, that's fine. I understand, once I paid 2,000 rupees for a diamond sword, and I never got the sword. I won't be on Thursday (Thanksgiving) but I will finish your Cabin on Friday. :)
  11. Can you make me a mega sized Cozy Cabin? =)
  12. Any inside pictures? I want one on SMP4 Wild
  13. Sure! How big do you want it? Do I provide materials or you?
  14. I'll try to upload some. Tell me if you're still interested.
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  15. HOW did you get that cool animation? FYI: Update: I got my own!
  16. hm
    m can you make the inside room 1 block taller?
  17. Sure.
  18. This house looks awesome. I willl definately buy one when i come out of debt.
  19. May I have two cozy houses please? on residence 14664 SMP7? You supply the materials!
    P.S - I got the animation from LZBZ_DW but he quit about a month ago. =)