Computer Savvy? I need your help!

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  1. While playing minecraft, I spilled tea all over my laptop. I quickly cleaned the keyboard, but I didn't realize there was tea all under my laptop until the screen went black and I had to power it off. i took the cover off the bottom of the laptop and tried to dry it with a hairdryer...when I try to power it on it says all boot options are tried, press f4 for factory image and recovery. I tried that. It tries to recover the C: files but it only ever got to 38% complete. If anyone knows what I could do to fix this please comment. I greatly appreciate any help!
  2. Does it fail at 38% or does it just hang?
  3. It just stays there, it seems as if it still loading but it would stay at 38 for like 15 minutes
  4. I say you leave it there for about another forty-five minutes and see if it makes any progress, it might be stuck on a really large file. I wouldn't know what to do from there, but there are a ton of trustworthy forums on the internet just for that purpose.
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  5. Rice!!!! And let it sit in an upside-down V with the screen/ keyboard open and a fan for at least 24hrs
  6. Sounds like there might have been damage to the hard drive, either temporary or permanent.
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  7. Like boozle said, it could be stuck on a large file or something like that. Give it a couple of hours and see what it does, it'll probably shoot past it at some point :)
  8. If there is, you may be able to save files in spite of it depending on the circumstances. If the OS is fried but the rest is intact, I know a way you can recover the files. :)
  9. How could you do that elfinpineapple0?
  10. This only works if only the operating system is toast, but you can boot ubuntu off a flash drive and move files to another source like an external hard drive.
  11. If anything other than the hard drive is affected however, you will need to boot from another computer. I recommend taking the hard drive out and plugging it into another computer. If it does not finish recovery and all that. In the end, your best option would be to find a professional nearbye who can take an actual look at the situation and troubleshoot from there.