COMPLETE - Server Maintenance Dec 18 - 1:30AM EMC Time

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  1. Maintenance has been completed and all services restored. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

    Hey everyone. Previously we have had server maintenance for me to rebuild our servers onto newer hardware.

    Well it's that time again to do the final server upgrade, the database server.

    These upgrades are reducing our costs, updating to newer hardware with better specs, and upgrading the operating system to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

    Our DB server was the last to be upgraded, and we will take care of that in a few hours.
    This server is almost identical to the previous game server upgrade, just with 2 less CPU cores as its not needed on here.

    3.5ghz quad core E5-1630 v3, 64GB memory, 600GB SSD, 2TB HDD.

    ALL Empire Minecraft Services, including the Game Servers and Website, as well as other websites such as my blog will go down.

    Maintenance could take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Early checks appear to work when the data is moved, but things could go wrong.

    Everything will shut down around 1:30 AM EMC Time (Eastern), which is in about 5 hours from time of this post.

    I will work to get game servers up first, but utopia may be down longer than the rest.
  2. Cool Specs
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  3. Well atleast it isnt at like 4PM...
  4. Dang it, updates always seem to strike me at the wrong time :( This is gonna happen at 7pm my time :(
  5. sorry, 1am is the safest time for me to balance least # of players on and less risk of things going wrong and me being up late having to work the next day....
  6. ugh, please don't temp ban us from emc!! DDx
  7. since still a good bit of people on ima push it back to 1:30 am and nap a little more.
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  8. What kind of internet connection do you host these server off of? Business class home fiber connection?
  9. website back up. realized I didn't do some things I wanted to do in the last maint so taking care of them now and will then bring game up.
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  10. Ok, all services are now back online. please let me know of any issues
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