Empire Maintenance - COMPLETE

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  1. Maintenance is complete. See here for summary of the changes we made!

    What / When / Duration

    All Game Services will be down on Wednesday, Nov 19th at 1AM EST (EMC /time), for 1.5 to 3 hours.

    Recently we had maintenance on SMP9 and Utopia to move it to temporary hardware so I could rebuild the server.

    However, I under estimated our server needs and realized we needed to update our hardware.
    Therefore, I purchased 3 new servers capable of running 3 SMP's each, reducing our expenses from 5 game servers to 3, while not sacrificing performance.

    These new servers use newer hardware, E5 1650 v3 CPU's, 6 cores at 3.5ghz each, with 64GB of RAM, and a new 600GB SSD (newer hardware, faster). So in essence, an upgrade (but not major upgrade, this is already some pretty good hardware). Were coming from an E3 127v2 CPU on the current servers with 32GB of ram.

    So the next step is to migrate to this hardware. We will be doing this in roughly 25.5 hours at 1AM EST (EMC /time)

    At this time, ALL EMC game services will shutdown (The website will be up for most part but will hiccup when I make a database restart.)

    Downtime is estimated to take 1.5-3 hours based on the time it took the SMP9/U move, since I have to do ALL of the servers, but could be shorter.

    During this time I will be making all of the needed configuration changes I need to make to EMC in 1 go, hopefully finalizing and finishing up some long needed work.

    I'll try to finish as soon as I can :)
  2. Alrightttty! This sounds good to me c:
  3. Cant wait to see when this is done, Also hope to see the cost help keep emc up, and help upgrade the servers hardware if needed in the future.
  4. Does this mean Stage will be back up and running too? :D
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  5. I'm confused by this sentence. 25.5 hours is over a day... But you're only down for 1.5-3 hours?
  6. the servers will go down in about 25.5 hours
  7. He is saying that it will be 25.5 hours from now. Like, class will be over in 15 minutes.
  8. Take as long as you need Aikar, as long as our lag problems are gone I would wait a week for you to update.;)
  9. Lag problems wont be solved by new hardware, as the lag cases are extreme uses of resources. It appears it might be redstone related.

    I'm actually working on that right now.
  10. Well whatever the case may be take all the time you need! Don't wanna rush stuff to have it not work! ;)
  11. Matheus and I tested why some people occasionally lag near certain reses - and it has been crashing people lately ... noteblocks ...

    redstone and repeaters are static - so unless they are constantly being turned on and off, they're not changing data

    comparators, pistons, and noteblocks, however, all store data - and constantly update the block at that location

    I've went near equa's ... the cow hockey arena... and my spawn res ... and if i go to certain areas (near the noteblocks) it makes my fps drop to 0 ... go somewhere else and it's closer to 200-500

    that's not just happened to me, but to almost everyone that went in those areas.
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  12. does this happen with jukeboxes aswell?
  13. You've knowseen nothing John Snow! THIS is lag: https://i.imgur.com/MAJPEwt.jpg
    [00:49:05 INFO]: TPS from last 1m, 5m, 15m: 4.47, 11.79, 16.23
    Edit: Ok maybe my system is just too good, the low fps was during the lamps lighting themselves.
    https://imgur.com/2bdTxxV Pretty amazing structure!
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  14. What's the specs of your Desktop? Just Wondering, if you mind sharing :D.
  15. yay! can't wait till this is done :D
  16. Still the same host, or have you moved?
  17. Can you possibly host a temp server? Maybe like stage... Plots with creative... Just for fun... No rules outside of plots?
  18. Wait... Tour of stage :D?
  19. Aikar take as much time as needed to help fix the servers DONT RUSH take time and anyone got a problem with it you best start hardcore coding like Aikar and see if you can do the work he does Snap Snap Snap Snap!!!!
  20. Wait, redstone lamps cause lag? Cuz I have plenty on my res that could light on a moment's notice (they are used as stock indicators), I've never had any issues with them.