[Competition] Guess the amount I saved

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  1. I signed on this morning to discover my outpost had been griefed......
    This is what greeted me..........

    Another location...... Floaters 2.jpg

    Competition time...
    How many chests did I fill before it all vanished?

    Competition closes 1900 GMT Friday 8th August

    The person with the first correct guess wins a Max head :)
  2. May you pick more than 1? 20
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  3. In the interest of fairness, one try per account please :)
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  4. so i guess we are both wrong :p
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  5. Yep :p
  6. Sorry - should have stated a finishing date - OP fixed
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  7. 35 DC
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  8. 86 dcs
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  9. Are there other places or were this the only ones?
    I feel really sorry for you :(
    That the items were still on the ground shows that the griefer really only wanted to hurt people, because otherwise it would've taken the stuff. Except when the griefer was in desperate need for chests of course... :rolleyes:
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  10. This was only 2 locations on the island, every building was targeted for damage, every rail line was hit, and iron and gold farm - but i must thank alexchance and torian42, they were on the ball and dealt with it quickly.
    Dont get me wrong, I was gutted at the time, but I think a negative situation should become a positive one - hence this competition :)
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  11. Like 42?
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  12. 100 :p
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  13. 33
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  14. ogre 9000
    Did you contact a moderator? This is a bit crazy :confused:
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  15. 28DC's
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  17. you saved all of it
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  18. 69 DC's
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  19. 18 dcs
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