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Is This a Good Idea?

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  1. My Writing/Publishing Company (1200 Books Inc.) will be built on smp3 in my work in progress super store at residence 7216. You will be able to come to me with an idea for a book that you want, as well as some character names, and I will create and publish a story for you at a fee of...

    Under 5 Pages- 20r + 3r per page
    Between 6-10 Pages- 20r + 2r per page
    Between 11-15 Pages- 20r + 2r per page
    Between 16-20 Pages- 25r +2r per page
    21 Pages and Over- 30r + 1r per page

    You can message me on this website in this format:

    IGN (In Game Name)-
    Home Server-
    Title of Proposed Book-
    Genre of Book-
    Character Names (Minimum of Five)-
    Paragraph (Telling me how you would like your book to be written)-
    Maximum Number of Pages-

    Using the completed form above, I will create your book, and depending on the amount of books I have waiting, I am striving to be able to complete books within one week of the form being sent to me over the website.
  2. This is more of a creative writing job rather than publishing. If you were purely a publisher, you'd be taking the written texts of others and putting them into written books.
  3. I fixed it.
  4. I think this is a cool idea, but unfortunately I can't buy a book cause I am at a outpost in smp3:(

    I don't think it's too expensive either
  5. Thank you 607!