[Community Feedback] 1.4 Wither Boss

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  1. Hey everyone, 1.4 is coming soon and we are looking for feedback on how to handle the Wither Boss

    Here's what we know we are going to do:
    • Disable Block Breaking - This simply can not be allowed.
    • Log who spawned the Wither.
    Here's what we are looking for feedback on (ideas):
    • Wither is locked to a certain location (radius) and will not leave it.
    • Wither will only attack those who attack it. (if possible)
    • Wither can only be spawned in PRA (Have to figure out way to stop abusing of Safe zone)
    • Wither can only be spawned outside of PRA (to avoid abuse of safe zone, would go good with only attacks who attacks it)
    • Wither despawns after X time if not defeated.
    • Wither despawns after shorter X time of no activity.
    We welcome other ideas too. We want to enable normal fighting of the Wither (minus block breaking), but looking for ideas to eliminate using it for grief.
  2. PRA stands for periodic reset area
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  3. I like those ideas, but what does PRA mean?

    And maybe put the damage he does up a bit? For the challenge. :p
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  5. He beat me to it, I couldn't see it ;P
  6. Wither will be a huge pushover if EMC is on easy difficulty. (Which it is.)
    It's kind of sad.
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  7. 1. I am little bit iffy on this one, I feel that we should be more vanilla so it should not be locked to a certain area.
    2. This would be awesome if possible but if not I am fine.
    3. NO.
    4. Yes it needs to, no questions asked.
    5. I am a little bit iffy on this one, I feel that it would be better for it to despawn after no activity
    6. Yes I feel that like all mobs it should apply to the wither
  8. There is another option...
    A new world that is the only place Wither can be spawned in that is set to Normal Difficulty :)
  9. Hard.
    Do it, Aikar.

    On normal, the 'Wither' status effect can't kill you. On hard, you're going to die.
  10. All I Can Say Is That The Wither Boss Is Awesoomeee

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    • If the Wild Updates are going to be out before 1.4, then perhaps just make the Wither unable to enter protected areas as well as the PRA? Although this could lead to people sneakily cheating by hitting a wither from inside the PRA, I suppose. If this idea would be feasible, then perhaps block breaking could be allowed in certain circumstances?
    • Or, if you're logging who spawns the Wither, then perhaps put a limit on how many Withers can be spawned a week per player? A rupee cost for spawning the Wither as well, maybe?
    • Perhaps, similar to the wild updates, the Wither can only be spawned a few thousand blocks from spawn? Then it'd be less likely to run into unsuspecting players, especially if the despawning after X minutes idea was implemented.
    • A bit of a fusion of my last few suggestions: The Wither could break blocks when it is X blocks from spawn (and also be on Normal/Hard difficulty, not Easy, to appease Crazy1080), and not in a protected area? Then there could be one of these "Server Perks" for killing it under these conditions?
    Of course, I have no idea how feasible those ideas are.
  11. I don't random Whiters attacking me in the wild. There needs to be some way of limiting the Withers. I really like the idea of Whither only attacking those who attack it.
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  12. I think that Withers should not be able to hurt animals.
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  13. My ideas:

    • Idea 1: Wither Tomb: Works like the dragon tomb, but with a wither and nether stars.
    • Idea 2: Wither is only allowed to be spawned three times a week by a player, and with a rupee cost of 1k per spawn. Also, the wither only attacks the player who spawns it.
  14. I think Withers should be able to move around whatsoever. If they can't move around as they would normally do, then people would absolutely make a way to grind them -which won't happen much, but is still likely to happen!-

    The Wither's attacks should hit everyone in his reach. Why? Because this will not only make it more challenging, but also make it more attractive to gather a 'party' of people to kill the new boss mob. Making it a challenging mob will make another reason to team up with people, besides the Dragontombs that will also arrive soon.

    Ofcourse, this combination can be used fatal, unless;
    The Wither can only be spawned x blocks away from PRA (say about 500 or so), if the Wither manages to travel all the way to the PRA, he can not be damaged and can't damage anyone. He would not be able to lured back, to use this as a trick to grind the mob. Also, the Wither should despawn after a x time of no activity. No activity is in this case, damage done. Also, the Wither will despawn in X time (say 10 minutes or so) to prevent it from luring it too the PRA on purpose.

    The combination of the spawnlimitdistance of x blocks from the PRA and the timelimit of activity/kill would prevent the spam of Wither in the PRA and therefor can no longer do harm to any protected land, or hurt innocent players. In my point of view, I do say that's the best combination we can get.
  15. No wither tomb. I think it would create too much to make different things. It should me like SoulPunishers 2nd idea. I think they shouldn't despawn if it is town. If they could be made in town they should not be able to leave the residence or destroy blocks. If in wild they despawn if the player leaves 500 blocks away from it.
  16. Limit one wither per 1k blocks radius from a player, so in any 500 blocks director there won't be more than two withers or more
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  17. I think if it is inactive for x minutes is an idea that needs to be used.
    I love it keep the awesome ideas rolling in!
  18. Why all the desrcimination against withers? They are mobs. They deserve to be treated the same.