Community Disguise Craft Starts Tonight!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Since we reached our donation goal during our Live EMC Broadcast, we promised we'd give a couple days of Disguise Craft for the community to use. This plugin allows for the community to dress up as mobs and animals while in town. It will be launched sometime tonight (roughly 10 PM Easternish).
  2. Yes! Been waiting for it!
  3. Ah, at last! :)
    Good to see this back
  4. Awesome, Time to meet new members at Town spawn and freak them out :p
  5. Do we need to download anything on our end?
  6. How long will this last for?
  7. Yay! :D Ready to start tricking noobs! Mwhahahaa

    46 minutes late....
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  8. Nope.
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  9. Hm, is it out? I can't remember the command if it is :p
  10. It's /d mob I think…

    Also, how long do we get this for? :D
  11. Thanks, just realized :p
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  12. Already had lots of fun with this :)
  13. I think people shouldn't be able to be snow gollum's because they leave trails of snow on peoples res's :/
    Other than that, it's been fun! :D
  14. Oh cool I can turn into a chicken-eer! :p
  15. The snow golem snow is only client side. If you break the snow you get nothing. I believe the snow is removed for you if you relog.
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  16. Aww yeah!
    I actually did this today... The guy started swinging his sword ._.
  17. Buy snowballs. /d snowman. Have fun;)
  18. I think if you leave the chunk, or reload it... One of the two, also causes it to go away.
    Lol yeah we tried that on smp7 town... The guy I came up to with a creeper didn't even care... He didn't even back up, I was thoroughly disappointed haha.
  19. I found a guy on smp5, and he kept going on about "hax", it was hilarious xD