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  1. Hey guys and welcome to a project I've been working on called the Quarantine Chronicles, a series of writings, events, and art all that are made for the sole purpose of your entertainment. I'm here to make you laugh, think, and hey, maybe sometimes cry. So join the Internet Funnyman as he tries his best to make this the best quarantine ever.

    The first Quarantine Chronicle is Commanderlations, a combination of GamingComander and Relations, where I make funny quotes to help you get through your day! My first Commanderlation will be right below this post. And hey, feel free to leave your own funny quote as well!
  2. Thou shall not show flippancy if thou cannot PVP
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  3. Dude I thought you said congratulations xD
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  4. Lol
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  5. Wait, what do relations have to do with funny quotes? :p
  6. No idea, but that's the beauty of it
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  7. Dab --- did I do it? >:3
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  8. That's the way to do it!
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  9. doth thou even consume thine golden apple?
  10. A banned person may have done some real staff stuff, but a staff isn't going to do some real banned stuff