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  1. What does it take to be great?

    It takes great character, that for sure.

    We know he has that, but can he be Him?

    Is there any sure way to know!

    Why ask that question, you already know the answer.

    We must use him.


    If we fail to do so our people will be wiped from this planet?

    Do you think I do not know that? I have people I care about out there too you know!

    Then why protest using this incredible gift?

    Because I believe if we use him in this way, he will join the other side.

    And that would ruin us...

    RUIN? It would do so much more! It would condemn us to extinction!

    Do not lecture me about the problems of using this raw power!


    Of course. We cannot argue among ourselves when we face complete annihilation!

    You are wise, brother. But he shall be the wisest...

    Of course. We must never let him know.

    That would be as bad as handing him over to them now.

    He will know when he is ready.

    But he cannot travel this road alone.

    That is a definite.

    But who can guide him?

    There are a few.

    The Mage?

    No. He will want to focus too much on power.

    And that is bad?

    Yes. His leadership and charisma will be our most valuable skills.

    He will be completely ineffective in a fight then! And we all know how much of that he will cause!

    No, he will be more effective than anyone.

    I do not understand how that will be possible...

    He will be taught by the Shadow.


    He will counter his greatest powers!

    He will give him unimaginable strength...

    (For those of you wondering this is a preview of a YouTube series I hope to be doing in the near future.)
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  2. I can't even read any of that. Sorry
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  3. Hmmmm.. Will need to fix text when possible.
  4. For those who couldn't read it…
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  5. That sounds really cool. How exactly will you make the video. Animation or recording a game.
  6. Recording a game. G-Mod or MC are primary candidates.
  7. Do it on Empire if possible.
  8. It would not be possible due to what we would need.
  9. Right now I think I will do this in Minecraft. Is anyone interested in helping build?
  10. I may be able to help as an actor and make some buildings.
  11. Right now all I need is builders. Any knowledge of Steampunk?
  12. For gmod TTT Zenxai...
  13. We may do a combo I think.
  14. Zenxai is the server... I will become a mod soon so I got your back :)
  15. We would need special add ons.