[COMING SOON] Mumble Party House

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  1. So I have recently obtained an smp8 spawn res (corner between Margarrite and Bigben4) and decided to make a place for people to gather during mumble if they want to. (What is Mumble? Go here to download http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ Go here to find the stuff for emc's mumble http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/community-mumble/ )

    I don't quite have all the materials for this project, so I'm asking you guys to help me out.
    What I will need?
    Sandstone, about 2dc is needed
    Some Glowstone
    Stone slabs-Thanks RunningRhino
    Stone bricks (all varieties)-Thanks for the SC of Stone Amusedstew
    Redstone blocks-Thanks Kuraudochuu
    Glass-Thanks Amusedstew
    Dyes-Thanks Amusedstew
    Dark oak wood (logs)-Thanks Oremia
    Rupees are great as well.

    After I have finished, it will be a massive, fantastic and super amazing place to hang out while talking to people. The Several Halls I plan to build will be named after members who either A. Are frequent mumble users B. Donated quite a bit or C. A and B Any mixture of the above

    That's about it!
    I may update with more materials needed as time goes on
  2. I can donate some rupees :D.
    I am going to download Mumble for my laptop so I can use the friend cameo thingy with you all :)
  3. Stone Slabs and Dark Oak Wood are accomodated for. Donations of other things are greatly needed.
  4. Still in need of redstone blocks?? might just donate a stack... :p
  5. Kuraudochuu donated several stacks, but the more the merrier
  6. Well in that case, instead of redstone I shall bring over some glass, and a few stacks of different flowers you may use for dye :)
  7. Still in need of more stuff! Also if anyone would like to help build, please send me a pm
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  8. Replaced Quartz with Sandstone in the design
  9. Also: If you happen to use mumble rather often, A donation of your head (8 of them) would be great! There are going to be pillars, and I'm going to surround part of it with your head. Thanks