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    So, today I had an idea. And that idea was simple: to make a EMC events/games/all-sorts-of-other-things place, which has everything under one roof.

    So I popped over to SMP6 and claimed a res. And another. And another. And kinda accidentally ended claiming quite a lot...


    I own all the orange ones. So, coming soon to SMP6 - Hamsterland!

    I need your ideas for what to include. I want any games that I include there to be as automated as possible, as well as some ideas for events that run there. Here's my current list:
    • Spleef - the return of Jack's spleef events
    • Parkour
    • Some archery thing
    • Horse Racing
    • A maze
    • A really annoying maze
    • A parkour that no-one will ever manage.

    • Olaf_C - 10k and loads of wool
    • Gadget_AD - 10k
  2. You forgot
    • Glorious golden statue of hamster
    in that list.
    Seems like a good idea!
  3. Why don't you do a game called:
    The Hamster Wheel! Then do some game. :D

  4. Good to see it back :)
    Will we also see the return of Spleefbot?
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  5. I feel bad for the guy in the middle. :p
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  6. Why? He has optimum access to the great Hamsterland.
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  7. A maze eh If need help just message me.
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  8. Good. :D
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  9. Spleefbot has been retired... what you might just see is Hamsterbot... a bot capable of running ALL events. :)
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  10. *Logs in* "Wow! I have all new neighbors!" *Checks to see who* "Wonderful, a varmint infestation -_-* Lol.
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  11. How about you make a maginificent structure then every few months, a grief party.
  12. Think of spleef as that... just with only the floor destroyable. :p
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  13. Sounds like the SMP4 project... except with all games. I would use the SMP3 EMC Amusement Park for inspiration.
  14. Make a piston-powered hamster wheel(I can help with that for 1000000r).And a giant gold hamster statue.
  15. But your maze is evil...
    I can see it now...
    Hamsters around every corner...
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  16. FYI - I own everything northwest of that, as well as FINCH. Perhaps you should use some stone brick... Just a suggestion.....
  17. I vote for stone brick+nether brick+sponge+emerald blocks.
  18. Wool.

    Nope, I'll use stone brick. >_> Bonzd
  19. Oh, and bite is across the street from me. (His is the thick white lined square. My castle complex is north of that.)

    It's like a staff city or something.
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  20. Well, ok then. :p
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