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  1. I'm creating the Series, EMC Players' Life, comics that show adventures, friendship and the life of player in EMC. Tell me your story (in detail) to be in the comics.. (I'm waiting)

    Chapter 1: Wild(My story)
    Chapter 2: (Players' Stories)
    [Will be done first]
    Chapter 3: (Players' Epic Stories)
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  2. Any stories?...
  3. Does anyone remember the EMC family feud and someone made it some player poop out brown wool over the street's and jim's res?
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  4. I remember the family feud...
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  5. Looks cool
  6. any stories?....
  7. Well.

    When I first joined EMC I simply walked over to the nearest res and for some reason, it had build permissions. I setup my chest and crafting table, planted some saplings and went out to the wilderness. I went caving and got some iron armour and a diamond sword. After I arrived back to my 'fake' res all my stuff was stolen and my saplings gone. I soon found out after spamming the chat that I have to create my own res, so I did. I made a little house and a small shop to make some rupees.

    That's all I remember. Here I am 500 days later using grammar... -.-
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  8. Ok I'll add some drama to it...
  9. Wow....
  10. Allow me.
    "Oh but #Randomname I love you and now I don't !"
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  11. Bump, any deep stories?
  12. I already made my story in comic :p But I'd love to see your version though. Here's my story(in a few mins)
  13. I joined the Empire more than 670 days ago, when smp2, my current home server, did not exist.
    A friend of mine (Alexhuac) had told me about Minecraft some weeks ago, and when I played it I was like: "Wow! You can build a dirt house and then blow everything up with TNT!"

    As I played more and more, I discovered survival mode and discovered the secrets of redstone, but singleplayer wasn't enough for me, and I wanted to play with my friend. I searched on Google: "Best Minecraft server" and I tried several of them, but got banned mainly because of my inexperience, my ignorance and my immaturity. When I first joined Empire Minecraft, I knew that server was perfect. Everything was easy to understand, and though I had a lot of problems achieving the tutorial :p , finally I arrived smp1 Town, and everyone was friendly and helpful.

    I wanted to get a residence, but there were all claimed by then, so I visited the forums and started posting. My level of english was so lame by then, and I used to spam sometimes. I understood spamming wasn't good, and I became Active, and then Well-Known. After that, smp2 was created.

    As soon as smp2 appeared, I claimed 4440 and a new EMC life started for me. I made a lot of Internet friends (Some of them are banned now :( ) and got banned permanently once. I had a lot of fun building my first shop though; I sold a stack of oak wood for 1 rupee.

    My shop grew bigger and bigger each day, featuring more products and cheaper prices, because there used to be commas in prices before. I joined a guild, "The Minecraft Council". My friend (who had joined the Empire two days after me) and I started building a big tower named The Council Tower, which we never finished. (It's still at 4439, feel free to visit it) ...
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  14. Interesting...
  15. One day, I was in war, Against The red-coats, Then they shot me... And I died... (No means of racism, I like british people, they have cool accents)
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  16. ... When 1.0 was released, I demolished the first ChascaMall and started the construction of a new, bigger one, that was never finished. During the time of the construction, updates 1.0 to 1.5 came out, and each update was more awesome than the previous one.

    The Empire grew bigger and better as more members joined. JustinGuy "left" the Empire, and many members did the same. New moderators became, and another friend of mine joined.

    Since 1.5.2, I am building a new mall, the biggest I have ever started building. My home is 4444 now, and I have a lot of Internet friends in the Empire. AliceF3 and I own a free pictures shop, and I will be starting an outpost at smp9 Frontier now.

    Empire Minecraft is just awesome. See you at 4444!
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  18. Why did you dye his letters pink? :D
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  19. I really dont know?
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