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  1. I'm writing a new Manga titled: I'm right here.


    After the death of an extremely famous young singer's girlfriend, the media went wild about it. For a month, it was the most popular story around. During the fuss, a baby girl was born into a small-town family. On the girl’s 18th birthday, she regained memories from her past life in this world. She was none other than her favorite idol's girlfriend who died in a car accident going to a model shoot!

    Now 36 years old, her idol still agonizes over her death but remains at the top. The 18-year-old girl already knew about her idol's love before regaining her memories. She would know everything about him, and that he would mourn over her.

    They were both childhood friends in her past life, so they know each other quite well. Since she knows all this, she also knows what her past 18-year-old self looks like, and they are not the same figure. How will she gain his attention and help him understand that not all hope is lost?

    Through an effort to get to the top of the modeling world again, and doing everything in her power to set up a meeting with her idol and past-life’s boyfriend, she will try her best to tell him who she really is...and let's hope he believes her.


    Please post any constructive feedback because I need all I can get to be successful!

    Thank you!

    Here's page #1 of my manga script so far!

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  2. That is interesting! Seems like it would fit great for a manga. Did you get the idea from anywhere? Even reincarnation seems like a theme that would fit the general Japanese audience.
  3. So did you write this or Aoi Kaigara? Or your an alt. of Aoi Kaigara?:confused:
  4. In any case it is Aoi Kaigara (Blue Seashell), not Aci Kaigara. :p
  5. Fixed Thanks
  6. Thank you! In fact, there are plenty of reincarnation manga. Usually, the reincarnation event is meant to start the story, not necessarily a major part of it, such as an isekai (transported to an alternate world) manga (usually). This one is unique because the reincarnation event happens at the beginning, but it also is a major part of the plot. It's talked about throughout the plot. I appreciate your interest. I've put this on hiatus (even though I just started) because I'm in the process of developing a minecraft series. It's called: Tides Turn. I'd appreciate if you checked out the thread. My alt, Aoi_Kaigara, and DaybreakerMC are working on episode 2 currently.
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