Columbus Day Promo!

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  1. Title says it almost all, but I personally think it should be transportation.
  2. I don't think this is major enough of holiday and something is probably already planned for a near holiday. I have no idea what the promo would even be for this holiday.
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  3. We don't need promo items for every single event. Next people will be wanting promo items on their birthdays.
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  4. Dunno, maybe a soul bound boat that you enter automatically when its placed, and which returns to your inventory when you leave ? Anyway, its too late to try to do anything of the sort now, and this isn't that major of a holiday anyway.
  5. Alright it was fun and all when we occasionally had promos but now that people are suggesting it just make promos sound like a normal item. Please stop with these posts D:
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  6. I honestly think that Columbus Day is an inappropriate holiday to begin with, so I strongly disagree with this idea.
  7. Pfft. I already get Promo items on my birthday! :p

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  8. A. We do not need promo items for every holiday, as much as I would like one. :p
    B. If we get a ton of promo items, the collecters will go crazy trying to get/remember/not destroy them all.
    C. Why make a promotion for a holiday that's celebrating a slaving, torturing, serial killer who didn't actually discover the New World first and was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of natives on the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)? I did a report on him once, and let's just say that it was a gory, graphic report indeed. :)

    So, no offense to your idea or anything, but I cannot support this. I hope you understand.
  9. I would like a mod to close this, things are not going my way.
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  10. Well we already have tons of promo items and now probably one for halloween aswell. Plus I dont know why you would suggest a promo item when u can never get it anyway, seeing ur banned.
  11. hmmm... Get on I will, I must again get on... (Yoda talk)
    Edit-Mod please close this!