[Collab Project] Gerho'la Territory

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  1. Gerho'la*
    *a random name I though of it, will have a better logo, someday...

    Welcome to Gerho'la Territory, where the poor and the rich people of Morgo'la desert live.
    This Collab Project is being build in utopia. Where it will have:
    Secret Rooms
    Easter eggs and signs by other members.
    Secret ways to get inside the fortress and into the Jail.
    1 Event game. Find chest and take it. (After we finished the project)

    So who are involving in this project? Here's the list:
    penfoldex, lameidl, mba2012, Curundu (Sheep shearer), Dwight5273 (placed 1 sign).
    And other people who can explore the res*
    *not everyone can visit the utopia res due to being still in W.I.P
    Now everyone have move perms. Res 5340 on utopia.

    ANYWAY, pics!

  2. ouww no move flag :( but the screenshoots are awesome :)
  3. You can at least go to 5418 to see the wall and the entrance.

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  4. What about my secret, not so secret project? Is that still there?
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  5. Still there.
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  6. I think you mean built and placed.
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  7. Thanks for fixing small grammar errors I made.
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  8. Was that statement meant to be sarcastic or am I just reading it wrong?
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  9. Or i suck at grammar today....
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  10. Your grammar was fine. The post just seemed sarcastic.
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  11. Not a sarcasm. I rarely use sarcasm and only on friends.
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  12. New pics on the first post.

    Should i say something else?
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  13. -=X-Unrelated-X=- Is that the pentagony texture pack? If so, may I have the link for it?
  14. Its Sphax Purebdcraft 128x
    2 pics are without shaders and other pics with shaders.
    I'm hearing that name for the first time though. (I'm serious, not a sarcasm)
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  15. That's not the name, it's refering to the insane amount of pentagons in the texture pack.
  16. Bump because everyone has move flag now.
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  17. Nice I will have to come take a look
  18. How did I miss this thread?
  19. Excellent, thats a sign that i can hide manage to hide this thread away from mba2012 9000 instant liking system.
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  20. What about the Curundu12000 Instant-Liking Sytem?
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