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  1. Hello every1,
    I've been playing Minecrafts from its beginnings. I changed couple of servers but stayed for very long one one called Cobaltium. Cobaltium unfortunately closed recently. I had a lot of friends there with who I hang out on line for years. I miss them greatly and would like to build good friendships again. I found Empire as server with a lot of votes and, what is more important to me, a server that promises no PVP and no griefers. This is all I wish out of a server, to build and contribute to the server community in a safe place. I love to create and share, to help.
    My player name BjankaP is not pronounced like B-junk-a-P, but Bianca and P is the first letter of my surname. I come from a far far away place where Bianca is written like Bjanka :)
    My skin represents a 3 eyed gold fish that loves and lives in coffee :) I do crazy comics of two friends. One has a live overactive imagination that is able to teleport the other friend in it, in times of need. Coffee fish is just one of the "guides" of that imagination world, from the dreamer student times. So if its strange to type Bjanka or pronounce it just use coffee or coffee fish :)
    That's it. Have a wonderful day.
  2. Welcome to the Empire! You'll have no problem making new friends here :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire Bjanka! I am sure you will enjoy it here, and we have many, many friendly members to interact with! :)
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  4. You seem like a very interesting person to me:p I'm pretty sure you'll like your time here and I hope you'll drop by on the forums too.
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  5. Welcome to EMC :)
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  6. Welcome to Empire Minecraft :D We're glad to have you, and yep, no need to worry about PVP or griefing here. :)
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! :p

    Did you draw your signature?
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  8. Welcome to EMC! It's sad to hear your old server closed down, but I'm sure you will make great friends here too. :)
    On which smp do you play?
    Do you have any pictures of those comics that you would like to share? :D I'm interested in seeing them!
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  9. Wow, such a wonderful welcome :)Thank you all!

    - yes AliceF3, I did. Its my old signature from when these were the only monsters outside Nether :)

    - sure :) the comics started as a joke and is for one of my rl friends so is made by hand. This traditions is quite long so there is over 1000 pages up to now :) so i will pick something up. Its not on English thou. But I also deal with illustration and can share something more "serious", the comic is more for good laugh :)
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  10. Welcome to the EMPIRE!
    Although it is not safe to say there are NO griefers, we CAN promise that all griefers will get their punishments :D
    I look forward to seeing those comics and builds you do. If you need any help, you can find help on mainly any server.
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  11. 1000 pages? Wow you are so cool! :D That drawn signature is awesome too.
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  12. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  13. Cool I'm looking forward to any pictures you have!
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  14. Welcome!!!! It's great to have you here!
  15. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  16. Hey BjankaP. I would not have guess that is how your name was pronounced. I am not big on coffee, let alone a fish that lives in it.
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