codfather second release fish promo

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do you tink this is a good idea

yess 5 vote(s) 83.3%
no but we shut release them any way 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. efry 1 who dint now or has not seen the event last saturday the mob arena or waht ever it was
    ther was a mob called the codfather basicly a cod that killed efry 1
    how i optained them im not gona tell you but i optained them it was the first time in 2 years i sawa staf member make a mestake so im suggesting releasing it again on fathers day 2023
    Sunday June 18, 2023

    becouse im the cod father after all and chickeneer came up with the idee for the rerelease so

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  2. But what, exactly, does the fish have to do with Father's Day?

    There is no logic here, down this rabbit hole
  3. its called the codfather
    i did just tink father father day mm thats like close so that perfect
    i dit google wold fish day and stuf but that in november

    i dint ask my self why shut it be released wen shut it be released

    a promo with daanhu lore xd
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  4. Not sure that your * wish for immediate fish is the reason to release it on Father's Day.

    Father's Day Promos:
    Dad's Grill - smoker that drops random, cooked meat once every 4 hours
    Baseball cap - helmet that prevents sunburn... is that fire protection only? Heat something? with night vision for those games that run into the evenings
    Professional Fishing pole - Lure X for extra treasures/catches
    Comfy sweatpants - unbreakable, swift sneak chainmail pants for lounging around town and building. (gold chainmail would be better, but it's a dream)
    Fish painting - Best Catch

    *edit made
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  5. Mother's Day Promos:

    cap - Bad Hair Day - some enchant?
    Loom that dispenses a random dye once every 4 hours
    Pet wolf egg - Mama's Favorite - emits hearts like Love Bug
    Yoga Pants - same idea as above
    Chocolate Bar - dark oak trapdoor - not placeable,

    you get the idea. Going based on the theme. Oddly enough, I seem to have trouble with the Mothers list
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  6. waht about i want fish you want swet pants aperantly why not both
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  7. What does the fish do?
  8. way to out your own alt mr fake EMC dictator ;)

    we all know marty is the real EMC dictator :D
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  9. mm i was tinking maybe if u go near it it gives and effect maybe luck or soming cool but ther is a cooldown
    if u recieve it u need to wait again
    for 10 minits or so depening how op the effect is
    if u go near maybe it gives a random effect but it can also be a non optaineble effect for like arandom duderation maybe minimum 2 seconds max 40
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  10. That's interesting, thanks for sharing. :D
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  11. chickeneer we counting on you make it hapen
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  12. your the man chickeneer the man that can make it hapen
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  13. Its because all we really want is a day we don't have to keep track of EVERYONES schedule.

    Bed(Moms Uninterrupted Nap)-When you place it you lay down, you don't get kicked out during day, and it doesn't add to the "player sleeping" count. Soul Bound and Color choose able(maybe we could change the color with a command but that seems more complicated)
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  14. I'm going to make a suggestion then back away real fast so I am out of arms length, just in case.

    Sewing needle - a netherite colored stick that fully repairs all your mending enchanted armour you are currently wearing. Has a 24 hr cool down.

    P.S. father's do some mending too.
  15. Post the screenshot with all of the messages visible
  16. They weren't really needed.... You were not missing anything important imo.

    First one.
    I have a fix scheduled for Aikar to send out. If anyone tries to abuse it - we will have logs of them doing so.

    Second one.
    just letting you know I have wrote a fix for the thing you reported

    Third one.
    i tried efry tingxd
  17. Not final, so it can be dyed.
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  18. Interesting.
    And I went with some stereotypes as well, you'll get no flack from me about that.
    For anyone who would argue, consider this: I heard a discussion between 2 doctors, when I was barely in high school.
    A patient got overly invested in the qualifications of the potential doctors for his surgery. Since they were similar in age, he was trying to figure out who was the better educated, so as to have the better outcome. The hallway discussion came to the conclusion that the patient was asking the wrong questions, and should have asked about their hobbies. One was a fisherman and the other did needle embroidery. Both of the doctors said they would always prefer someone who kept their fingers nimble over age or education.
  19. I know this is off topic and I apologize, but this has me wondering. Did the fisherman, make his own lures? tie on his own hooks? because that can be as nimble work as embroidery. It just creates more questions for me! >.<

    Also I like the Sewing Needle idea, but I think it could be seen as over powdered, it might need more than a 24 hr cool down.
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