COD Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal/Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by AmusedStew, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. August 14 at 10AM PDT is the COD Ghosts multiplayer reveal! Tune in live from LA:

    Now for the good part:

    Discuss COD Ghosts :D

    My wishlist for Ghosts:
    • Better hit detection
    • Gold Weapons
    • Pro perks again
    • Be top prestige to get gold weapons
    • Better Host Migration
    • This list could go on for days....
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  2. They really are running out of ideas for new COD's I'm still waiting for a post world-apocalypse
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  3. They really are, but they have said that ghosts will supposedly change COD all together, guess we will have to wait and see :D
  4. "Never run from a ghost, you will only die tired" -I don't know who said that.
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  5. I'm so excited!!! :D
  6. If COD is now a ghost, does that mean it has officially died?
  7. There better not be death streaks in COD ghosts....
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  8. If there is, I wont play it, well id play it because its addicting but... yea.
  9. So now we can lean...
    I hope quickscopers can quickscope, no deathstreaks, and I really, really, liked the class specific scorestreaks.
  10. But i must say Mw2 Was the best... Campaign multiplayer spec ops...everything :cool:
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  11. I want quickscoping to be like:
    A.) MW2
    B.) Blops1

    no deathstreaks i really hope arent in there

    and class specific scorestreaks were great with blops 2, 3 attachments ftw xD
  12. Then again Battle Field 4 looks good too :cool:
  13. Another generic-ass, AAA shooter. Yay... ?
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  14. I'll watch it, but already have BF4 paid off on PS4.
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  15. BF4 looks awesome, 64 multiplier, commandeer mode, that is what we can expect to see in "next gen" gaming. COD has to step up their game or this is a war they have lost (no pun intended [war games])
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  16. Why has this become a BF4 thread xD
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  17. Meh, for me Battlefield sucks. The maps are too big and if you're a low level you have absolutely no chance. Another thing I hate is that the Americans have different guns than Russia. It's stupid, as you have to level each class separately.
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  18. No keep the topic call of duty D: xD
  19. I'm very exited for ghosts :) I think that the support streaks (or whatever they call them) so that you can get them overtime and not have to get continuous kills, and have the option, would be awesome to have back. Also, I really want them to add the NUKE back this time :D
  20. I liked COD but now there running outta ideas kinda so then I tried BattleField 3 and it was SWEET! and I thought it was far better than COD.
    That's my opinion.
    Which do you like better?
    COD or BattleField?
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