Cobblestone Hopper Generator! (Easy and for 1.5.2)

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  1. No, this is not a glitch. This is an amazing thing I have created and probably is the best redstone creation I have made. Lets go on with the pictures!

    These are the items you will need:

    Lava Bucket, Water Bucket, Hopper, Chest Minecart, a couple tracks(depending how deep/big you want it), a few levers, and a small area.

    ^ First you will need some water.



    ^ Tracks and levers.


    ^ Place the hopper on the tracks, flip both levers, and THEN place the minecart.


    Whala! Your machine is done. You can expand it to make it automatically make stone, if you would like :) You can also use this for mining and for shops, and make a tunnel to the minecart so you can get the stone. Make sure you turn on the levers when you want the minecart to move.

    Still confused? Check out my channel! Uploading a FULL tutorial on how to make it and I am even gonna show it to a popular youtuber!

    If you are gonna use this, please credit me on the forums. :D Thank you!
  2. Shh... We want more customers remember....
    xD Love it
  3. Interesting. I'm wondering how you could make it more productive than it already is...
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  4. Shhh nobody will know :)
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  5. Is that a Lolwut replying to the comment, or are you just confused? I am gonna upload a FULL tutorial on my channel this weekend if you are confused.
  6. Working on tutorial!
  7. Have the hopper lead to a DC and then the DC lead to furnaces. That's all I've made with this design. I figured out this design 2 days ago so it's not really original but the minecart is :)
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  8. Oh geez, I thought I was the only one with the hopper design :p Atleast the minecart design is new!
  9. Nice, it's also possible to mine up to 5 (with eff 5 and haste 2 :p) blocks of stone in a row. Xisuma made a vid about it a month ago.

  10. This...automatically places cobble into a chest via a hopper?
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  11. Correct. You turn on the levers that starts the minecart machine, and you start to mine the cobblestone. Thats when the cobblestone start to fill in the chest. You can also expand the machine to make it that the chests goes to a an automatic furnace to make stone. :)
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  12. Yes, to automatically put cobble in chests to destroy a lava-- I mean water wall...
  13. Darn, I thought it somehow broke the cobble and it appeared in the hopper.
  14. Can You make me one :D